Essay Example: Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Architecture

Published: 2022-02-24
Essay Example: Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Architecture
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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is essential in every organization as it helps in managing its current and potential customers. It connects different departments, tracks customers' information, and enables a firm to follow up with the customers easily. The main aim of this memo is to explain the several success criteria for the implementation of CRM. Excellent implementation of CRM will play an essential role in satisfying enterprise architecture.

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The first success criteria for implementing CRM is getting executive buy-in by getting support from the echelons of the company's upper management affirming their commitment (Rahimi & Kozak, 2017). This strategy will motivate all the other stakeholders. The next step is aligning the departmental strategies in communicating brand experience, and a consistent message in all clients touch points (Nyadzayo & Khajehzadeh, 2016). The third criterion is to have a strategy first then technology second since technology is not the best CRM strategy driver (Stevenson, 2018). Instead, it is significant to reorganize bolstering revenue and efficiencies of the business process. Fourthly, it is important to minimize financial risks since CRM should not be regarded as a one-time expense as it has maintenance fees and needs long term services. The other criterion is looking for quick wins by engaging in manageable projects that result in quick wins, high-end user adoption, and more momentum. The sixth criterion for implementing CRM is considering migration paths by understanding where the business is heading "(The Common Approach to Federal Enterprise Architecture," 2012). Scrubbing data is another essential criterion, and this is done by ensuring that the customer's data are accurate. The eighth criterion is that the company should plan for disruptions since companies do change through the replacement of executives, acquisitions, or outsourcing. The other criterion is not leaving training till the end as training is regarded as an implementation's last component (Rahimi & Kozak, 2017). Training is essential as it gives the end users before a new solution is introduced. The last step is choosing change champion and asking experts when faced with an issue. Following the above criteria will help an organization achieve its current and future goals.


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