QWL: A Fundamental Factor for Employee Satisfaction and Performance - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-11-25
QWL: A Fundamental Factor for Employee Satisfaction and Performance - Essay Sample
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Quality work life(QWL) has been identified as a fundamental factor that contributes to employees’ satisfaction and how they perform in their job-related activities within the work environment (Kumari, 2019). Numerous factors have been presented as the foundation of work-life, including but not limited to organizational leadership. Work-life has a bearing on the employee’s financial status, social relations with colleagues at the workplace, as well as personal interactions with everyone within the work environment. The author of the given quantitative research proposal sheds light on the importance of quality work life for the employees and the organizations in which they work. With the various studies sampled in the research, the author covers diverse expert perspectives from other scholars on the subject of quality work life and its importance in helping in the achievement of organizational goals and objectives. The employees’ views and perceptions of their work-life and the nature of the environment determine how they feel, and the same reflects in aspects of their lives, including work performance and social life. The author of this document suggests, and rightly so, that happy life environment leads to quality life hence positive work performance and the opposite is also true. Organizational commitment is a core construct of quality work life and is dependent on other factors such as job security, supervisor support, task control, and job satisfaction (Dirgahayu, 2020). The author also posits that preferable leadership styles contribute to positive perceptions of the work environment and increases the chances of employees committing to their jobs. However, it becomes a big problem if the employees cannot determine the relationships that exist among these constructs, making it difficult for research into how the factors can be improved. This challenge is a concern for the author as far as human resource management is concerned.

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The author seeks to add to the knowledge of human resource management by delving into the broad spectrum of factors that constitute quality work-life so that organizations can boost employee commitment and use relevant leadership styles appealing to workers. The problem statement of the research, however, points at the inability of some employees and leaders to obtain positive perceptions of their QWL. The author holds that some leaders are not aware of the dependent and the independent variables connecting employees’ commitment and preferred leadership styles, and this claim presents a valid problem that requires business research for a solution. The problem pointed out in this research is a fundamental concept that should be explored further using research because organizational success is highly dependent on employee satisfaction and performance which are all tied to how workers perceive the workplace environment (Dirgahayu, 2020).

The examination of the independent variables governing workers’ commitment, the dependent variables determining their quality of life, and their preferred leadership styles in the organization presents a practical purpose statement achievable through various tools given such as the commitment scale, QWL instrument and the leadership description survey. The research questions directly seek these relationships while the data sources are also diverse as they sample responses from across different industries. For instance, the author directly questions the relationship between independent variable existing between organizational commitment and the dependent variable of quality of work.

The author abides by the ethical research principles by respecting the identities of research subjects. Sharing particular ethical information by employees can carry serious repercussions from their employers, and these conditions have to be taken care of by the researcher (Dirgahayu, 2020). The author ensures the surveys are anonymous. In cases of informed consent, information is also given concerning what kind of data is needed by the researcher. In surveys, the researcher is careful enough to provide those taking the surveys the option to agree to become a participant or not. However, there is nothing wrong with asking the industry and occupation of the participant.

The is a progressive interconnection in how the elements of the research like the research process, questions, data sources and ethical procedures are aligned to each other. The study begins with a general perspective before going into the specifics of how the relations occur. While the progressive nature of the research process is presented in the paper, the two questions appear long and cumbersome.


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