Pulmonary Illness Related to E-Cigarette Use in Illinois and Wisconsin - Preliminary Report

Published: 2023-12-14
Pulmonary Illness Related to E-Cigarette Use in Illinois and Wisconsin - Preliminary Report
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The article, “Pulmonary Illness Related to e-Cigarette use in Illinois and Wisconsin-Preliminary Report,” by Jennifer et al. highlights about pulmonary disorders in the states that is triggered by the application of ecigarette. The authors studied multiple persons with a history of e-cigarette use to examine their health and the likelihood of suffering from pulmonary illness. The report examines the article’s relevance to the topic, applying the course concepts and its use of evidence and support.

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The article satisfactorily addresses various issues that are relevant to the topic. For instance, the authors begin by explaining to the reader the meaning of e-cigarettes and how they are produced. By explaining the production of e-cigarettes, the authors provide background information about the topic, which creates the basis for understanding the article. The authors also describe how pulmonary illnesses occur as a result of e-cigarettes. The information is relevant to the topic since it creates an understanding of the disease and its relation to the e-cigarettes. Additionally, the article provides the previous findings regarding pulmonary illness and its relation to e-cigarettes. The previous studies provide the history of the disease and the e-cigarettes, thus justifying their past effects. Therefore, the readers understand the previous information about the disorder and link it to the present findings. The provision of such data in the article allows the readers to understand the content and discussion topic. Ideally, the article provides relevant information about the topic, thus promoting the credibility of the information provided.

The article also depicts various instances where insights have been implemented, and the course concepts have been used. The use of insights in the study has been employed in the description of the results. After the research, the authors discovered that the patients being studied showed similar clinical symptoms that indicated the health effects of e-cigarettes. From the results, the researchers drew insights on the possibility of pulmonary illness among the clinical characteristics exhibited by the patients in the study sample. During the study, the authors also used various course concepts to conduct the experiment and interpret the findings. For example, the authors used the common research methods to conduct the study. The researchers used both qualitative and quantitative research methods to determine the association of e-cigarettes to pulmonary illnesses. The authors effectively used the interview methods to acquire information from the study samples regarding their interaction with e-cigarettes and health hazards. Additionally, the authors used the experimental techniques to determine the study patients' respiratory, gastrointestinal, and constitutional symptoms (Layden et al., 2019). The authors also effectively used the information from survey reports and previous studies to collect data regarding the disease and its association with e-cigarettes. Ideally, the article applied the course concepts such as methods of research and drew insights from the previous studies and surveys to provide credible information regarding pulmonary illness and its relation to e-cigarettes.

The article also satisfactorily uses evidence to support the findings and arguments. The evidence was derived from survey data to support the claims that e-cigarettes cause pulmonary-related illnesses. From the study, 84% of the patients were found to have used e-cigarette products, which affected their respiratory and constitutional health (Layden et al., 2019). The information supported that e-cigarettes have a high potential for causing pulmonary-related disorders. Additionally, the authors use surveillance data to explain the increasing respiratory illnesses cases since the introduction of e-cigarettes. The article indicates that the syndromic data collected from June to August 2019 was higher than that of 2018 in Ilinois (Layden et al., 2019). The information supports that with the production of e-cigarettes, respiratory and syndromic conditions have increased in Illinois State. Primarily, the use of surveillance data and experimental evidence indicates that the article provides credible information regarding the discussion.

The authors also use data from health-related organizations that support their findings in the study. For example, the authors used the data from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (WDHSI and the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), which reported several cases of pulmonary disorder that was linked to e-cigarettes (Layden et al., 2019). The authors also used the population demographics and clinical course for the study group to determine the prevalence of society's condition. The information supported the study’s findings regarding the disease's distribution and the most affected group in the states. The researchers also conducted cytopathological tests and chest radiography to determine the pulmonary disorder and its association with e-cigarettes (Layden et al., 2019). The radiographs indicated the damage caused by the e-cigarettes on the respiratory and pulmonary systems. The evidence supports the recommendation provided by the study. The evidence also supports the health recommendations provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The use of such evidence in the article enhances the credibility of the article’s information and findings. Additionally, the authors use credible and up-to-date sources of information that support their reliability. Primarily, the author uses different evidence to support the results, thus enhancing the article’s credibility.


Layden, J., Ghinai, I., Pray, I., Kimball, A., Layer, M., Tenforde, M., Navon, L., Hoots, B., Salvatore, P., Elderbrook, M., Haupt, T. Kanne, J., Patel, M., Saathoff-Huber, L., King, B., Schier, J., Mikosz, C., & Meiman, J. (2019). Pulmonary illness related to e-cigarette use in Illinois and Wisconsin-preliminary report. The New England Journal of Medicine. 1-14.

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