Free Essay Sample. Psychology As a Science

Published: 2023-08-13
Free Essay Sample. Psychology As a Science
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Psychology is the science of mind and behavior. It incorporates the analysis of unconscious and conscious phenomena as well as thoughts and feelings. It aims to comprehend groups and individuals by defining a general concept and analyzing it (Franzoi, 2016). I was so interested in studying psychology, mainly psychological science. But my interest was killed by the very first lecture where he used a lot of complex biological terms and I understood nothing in that lecture. I finally ended up hating this course for good since I changed to another program.

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Motor Neuron

A motor neuron is a part of a neuron that is used to send commands to the organs, glands, and muscles from the brain to inhibit or cease something (Franzoi, 2016). When I was in university, I was engaged in the evaluation of an IQ test. The main reason for this evaluation was to determine whether my motor neuron was functioning well in sending the commands. I was not sure what was correctly being done to me, but it appeared to be an assessment of brain function. Finally, I was involved in the results, and explanations were given to me to make me understand.

Human Development

It is a process of enlarging a person's opportunities and freedoms as well as improving their well-being during the developmental level. It is concerned more with the real freedom ordinary individuals have to decide how to live, what to do, and what to be (Franzoi, 2016). This term is about the concept of capabilities, which is what persons can do or are equipped to do in real life. When I was in joining high school, I had very little knowledge of I can make it in life. I had no opportunities to peruse what came to take to the limelight of this life. The teachers there enlarged my capabilities by showing me how able I am and giving me many examples of opportunities that I can try in life after school. Through this interaction, the developed and enlarged my small mind such that I can formulate various ideas on my own.

Sensation and Perception

It is part of psychology, which is demonstration rich in different cases. There is no need to assemble many data points, do statistical testing, and compute averages to investigate if any change occurred (Franzoi, 2016). During my last week's chemistry practical, I collected a lot of complex data, which was hard to compute average and do statistical tests. I had to perceive it to be collected since it was kind of disgusting.

Selective Attention

Refers to the state or quality of being aware of something or an external subject within yourself, such as sensations, memories, thoughts, and feelings controlled by the Biological clock (Manning et al., 2007). One day I was ending home when I met an older man who was so drunk to the extent of losing consciousness. Since I knew him, I decided to lead him to his home. I tiptoed toward him and called him, but he did not respond. Little did I know that he had lost consciousness. So I tried to touch them only to realize he could not feel himself since he was so unconscious.

Learn To Read

It is an educational approach where learners study by directly applying theories, models, and skills (Manning et al., 2007). I remember a long time ago when I was starting my education in a nursery where my mum used to inform me that I am going to study new things in class. I anticipated it a lot; little did I know that it will take all my entire life since that time I have learned up to date. I have acquired a lot of knowledge and skill through learning.

Semantic Network Model

A model of memory is an organization that assumes information kept in the brain in a linked fashion of concepts that are related and closer to each other (Manning et al., 2007). Today our lecture asked us, what did we learn yesterday? To his surprise, we all kept quiet. He further shouted, "Retrieve from that your brains." He then started asking us what has occupied our memories such that we cannot recall yesterday's lecture.

Artificial Intelligence

It is a field of science that focuses on creating machines to carry out activities that need intelligence as people undergo them. It is of much help, especially where the task requires speed, vast memory, and persistence (Franzoi, 2016). In some past years, there was an urgent need for results from a patient in a medical hospital, and the machines used had some failures. Therefore this term was applied in diagnozation of medical illness, examination of equipment failures, treatment prescriptions, and loan application evaluations. As a result, it helped in the attainment of fast and accurate results for the patient and machines.

Psychological Motives

It is a motive type that focuses on social, environmental, and psychological factors as well as their interactions with each other in the production of motivation (Franzoi, 2016). In the past, workers failed to motivate their work areas, and the manager managed to identify their impact. Therefore, he applied a psychological motive to encourage them. That is, he had to set some goals for achievement to them to achieve with a promise of rewards. Due to this the workers got the motivation and managed to make the set goals on them

Unconscious Mind

This is a kind of mind where one has no access to his thoughts in it. The person with the unconscious mind uses a lot of energy from a psychic in keeping threats to the ideas in it (Franzoi, 2016). As I was going through some of the goals people set, I came across an incident where one resolved to have wealth in one year. In the end, the person failed to achieve his set goal due to the inability to access the ideal target. This showed that he used the unconscious mind to set his goal.

Mental Disorder

This refers to any emotional state or behavior that causes one to suffer much. It severely impairs the ability of a person to work with others or endangers the community (Manning et al., 2007). This term may result in some conflicts among the people. When I was in high school, I came across a person who behaved abnormally. This person was scrolling ad roaming instead of walking by his foot and talking. He was then taken to hospital where he was assessed, and the results showed mental problems as he was about to be incense mud.

Feminist Theory

It refers to acknowledging and understanding psychological women's oppression and the constraints imposed on women's sociopolitical status. Women's socialization affects self-concept, aspirations and goals, identity development, and emotional well-being. Some years ago, I came across a book on socialization in women (Manning et al., 2007). Under this, the women had to face challenges in achieving their goals as they had differences in their self-concept. As they continued to be in these challenges, their leader came to get to understand the feminist theory. Therefore she applied it among them, and as a result, they got to understand and acknowledge each other hence attaining common goals.

Chronic Stressors

These are events that threaten for a long duration and have no time limit. Different stressor types influence the hypothalamic-pituitary response (Manning et al., 2007). From a particular reading, I found that animals are much exposed to events of the dressing over which they have no powers to control response through releasing of corticosteroids. The nervous system of the sympathetic branch is activated to release norepinephrine and epinephrine.

Social Psychology

This refers to scientific discipline, which attempts to understand as well as explain how other people influence feelings, individual behaviors, and thoughts (Manning et al., 2007). As I was reading a book by Joanna, I realized that school is based on thinking and learning. He points out that education is mainly done majorly in social settings; thus, social psychology is applied. Therefore thinking skills are boosted.


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