Free Essay. Propaganda in the Baroque Period

Published: 2023-04-04
Free Essay. Propaganda in the Baroque Period
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My understanding of the Baroque period is that it's the period that was marked by various reforms and changes that occurred in Europe and America in the 17th and 18th centuries. The reforms that occurred were religious, political and scientific revolutions that brought change to the people and communities. There are people who opposed the changes while others embraced them because they wanted new ways of doing things. The impact of the revolution is that it brought changes to people and communities that are felt up to date.

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The impact of the Baroque period is that people have continued to demand and embrace changes that they believe will make their lives batter. Some conflicts aroused between the people that opposed the changes and the ones that wanted the changes. The Baroque period was the beginning of a new era where the reforms such as the religious reforms championed by Martin Luther that led to the reformation of the Catholic Church where the protestant reformation was initiated. The industrial reformation and the growing capitalism that led to the growth of the economies of the people that embraced the changes.

Different forms of art and architecture were constructed to represent the changes and achievements that were brought by the reforms. The art and architecture are in the form of painting, sculpture, architecture, theatre and music. Among the scientific inventions that occurred during the baroque period was the discovery that the earth revolves around the sun discovered by Descartes and Galileo. The scientific inventions changed the way people think. The reforms were made by the desire of the people to get the freedom and change that they desired as traditionally opposed to ding things. The forms of art and architecture include the Mannerism art, the Queluz National Palace architecture are among the symbols that represent the Baroque period.

Propaganda is highly evident in today's society and is a form of persuasion used in media to drive some agenda. These agendas may be political, personal or even for business. Propaganda works by evoking the emotions of the audience, thereby passing the message and getting the desired response from the audience. In politics, propaganda is used to appeal to the citizens to believe in a certain slogan. In business, it is used to convince consumers to buy a certain product. This is done through commercials in mainstream media, billboards, and posters as well as on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Propaganda works by creating and supporting a public narrative about how the world works and what some things mean. Propaganda also is common in politics and leaders use it to gain favor over the opposition. The opposition also uses propaganda to discredit the government. Media spreads propaganda by creating headlines instills smugness. An example of such a propagandist headline is "petulant Obama Whines that he deserves credit for Trump's economy". Such a headline is intended to appeal to the audience who may proclaim their love for Trump and Hate for Obama. This can be termed as a propagandist headline which is aimed at disregarding Obama's contribution to the economy.

Propaganda is also used in businesses, and they use compelling advertisements to sell their products. One of the forms of propaganda in advertising is testimonial propaganda, where the company uses celebrities to endorse their products or services. An example of this form of advertising is Drake's Sprite endorsement as well as Shakira and Kanye West for PepsiCo. Bandwagon propaganda is also common in advertising, and it works by enticing the audience to be part of a crowd. One of the examples of this type of propaganda is Maybelline's advertisement which terms the product as the 'America's Favorite".


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