Free Essay Example: Promotion Assignment

Published: 2023-05-02
Free Essay Example: Promotion Assignment
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An attractive advertisement in print and digital media is vital in appealing to the target market. A good advertisement should have the right content, style, and the proper layout to have an impact on the target consumers. Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel's advert retrieved from the Manhattan magazine is effective in accomplishing its objectives. It incorporates most of the information required to make the advertisement effective. This paper focuses on discussing the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel's advert and how to improve its effectiveness.

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The Target Market

The advertisement's target market includes individuals in transit, families, and those looking for leisure spaces. It also targets business travelers seeking to hold conferences as it has excellent conference centers. The hotel caters to individuals of all ages as it has amenities to support young kids and adults. It also targets individuals from all races and gender as it has facilities that are flexible to accommodate all. The advert utilizes psychographics by stating that the hotel provides luxury and value, which the consumers are seeking to experience. The advert compels the target market that they can provide luxury and value in line with the consumer's preferences (Labenz et al., 2018) The advert also mentions special offers which are meant to attract more target customers to the hotel.

Source and Publication

The advertisement has been retrieved from Manhattan Magazine, where it was posted on 1st September 2016 (Manhattan Magazine, 2016). It is also available on the Conde Nast Travellers. The source is suitable for reaching the target audience as most people read Manhattan magazines. Most of them also subscribe to the Conde Nast Travellers site to gain updates on the best hotels across various countries. The site is also accessed by people from multiple races, regions, and occupations seeking to find the best facilities for accommodation and those that have the best offers.

Purpose of the Advertisement

The purpose of the advertisement is to persuade the target customers to make bookings with the hotel. It uses pathos to evoke an emotional response from the consumers with an attempt to convince them to visit the hotel. The advert uses an appealing image of a tranquil and luxurious place to persuade the target customers into booking (Labenz et al., 2018). It promises to provide rooms and suites that deliver fresh ocean breezes, which seeks to convince the customer into booking with the company. It also offers special offers that are meant to make the target customers book the hotel.

Objectives of the Advertisement

The main aim of the advertisement is to influence the consumers to act while stealing them from the competitors. The advert mentions of providing rooms and suites that ensure fresh breezes. There are also spas to tend to guests depending on their preferences and any time they want to access services. It also provides an attractive offer of those who spend above $279, which the other beach hotels rarely offer. Therefore, most customers will prefer the one with special offers while seeking options than going for the hotels which do not have an offer at the time (Myers & Jung, 2019). Additionally, the advert aims to differentiate its brand as it mentions that it offers both value and luxury. It also communicates the benefits of booking with the hotel.

The Message Content

The message content of the advert is rational. It concentrates on providing factual information and the specific details of the services offered by the hotel (Myers & Jung, 2019). It also uses images to show the hotel and an overview of the services provided. There are rooms, suites, conference venues, and spas for the guests. It mentions that the services are provided at the convenience of the guest.

Message Execution Style

The slogan of the hotel is catchy and straightforward to remember, which makes it useful in attracting attention from the target customers. It emphasizes that the hotel offers both luxury and value to the customers. The advert also utilizes the use of images in the communication of the intended message. It also uses the lifestyle method where the advert explains to the target customers how the services offered to suit their life (Myers & Jung, 2019). It applies a fantasy style as it explains what the customer experiences in the hotel. The advert states that the customers receive fresh breezes in their rooms.

Layout and Design

The advert incorporates colors that are attractive to captivate the attention of the customers. It also uses an eye-catching design, which is appealing to more people. The fonts used vary depending on the message on the advert to enhance creativity (Pileliene, & Grigaliunaite, 2016). There are also images to depict the reality in the facility to show the customers what they will receive. The layout of the headline is captivating as it is placed strategically at the top of the advert and has a popular font.


The advertisement is useful as it is from the right source and has the right content. However, to enhance its effectiveness, the ad should use more exciting graphics and include people who visit the hotel (Pileliene & Grigaliunaite, 2016). It should also include information on what differentiates the hotel from others. It should provide additional information on the target market and those the hotel accommodates.


A good advertisement should have congruity and synergy to attract target customers. It should also have a catchy design and graphics. Furthermore, it should have the right content to ensure it reaches more potential customers. The advert should also be placed in the right source to ensure that more customers gain access to it.


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