Free Essay: Project Need Summary

Published: 2023-08-30
Free Essay: Project Need Summary
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During this period of the Coronavirus outbreak, most organizations are struggling. Most organizations struggle with the inability to make enough revenue, the declining number of customers, and employee performance. Most organizations have retrenched their employees. Some employees have been given a leave of absence with no pay, and others are forced to redesign their houses to be their offices. Elegantly Restored is no exception. Practicing their dental healthcare practice has been fully affected, and their employees have also been adversely affected. Their clinical team is finding it extremely hard to attend to their patients from home.

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Since the clinical team deals with the patients physically on a regular setup, the transition has proven challenging and hard for them to cope with. Normally, the patients visit the hospital premises in Georgia and Florida, wait for their turn to speak with a dentist, and fix a schedule that the dentist is comfortable with to see the patient. The patient then goes home and is determined to return on the agreed date. The dentist then has several other patients that he or she plans well to fit in his schedule. With a good plan and schedule, the clinical team is always inclined to provide quality and efficient care to their patients. They offer their patients the time they need, quality service and resources and the expected duty to the organization

The pandemic outbreak has devastated the vendors and vendor delivery. The vendors are used to receiving their claims on time. The quotations usually take a shorter time to produce since the employees produce a report each month of the equipment and other deliveries that they would need. The management then plans the whole process and ensures that the required resources are delivered to the hospital premises by the vendors who are paid in return. With the teams working from home, it is almost impossible to get the reports on time. For instance, the clinic team is even unaware of the equipment they need until they can schedule an appointment with their patients, which is proving to be challenging daily. The vendors' claims are also processed late, and the materials needed at the hospital premises end up being delivered late and, therefore, affecting the normal operation of the organization.

The organizations' revenue generation is highly affected. With the patients no longer vising the hospital premises as before, the amount of revenue generated by the organization declines every day. The organization is, therefore, looking for ways of solving the present challenge faced by the organization. The patients are the main client of Elegantly Restored. Without the patient's frequent visitation in the hospital, the organization cannot make money as usual. The organization, therefore, has to find a methodology of making money while still serving its most esteemed customers, the patients.

The pandemic has led to the patients devastated. Dental patients are afraid of contracting the virus. On a regular setup, the patients would be excited to head into the organization offices and book an appointment with the dentists while seeking better health. Presently, visiting the hospital premises is like writing a death wish to the patients. They are afraid that if they visit the organization's offices, they may end up contracting the deadly virus and will be in more danger. The patients, therefore, are living with their dental problems and wondering what they would do because they believe that until the pandemic blow subsides, they cannot do anything to counter their situations.

Proposed Solution

The organization is devastated and has to make a critical decision as fast as possible. For them to save their remaining clients and serve others, the organization has to decide to come up with a solution that will address their problem and help them to make more revenue as they provide quality care to their esteemed clients. The organization has, therefore, decided to implement a cloud-based solution. The organization has approached the IT department and drafted a plan for project execution. The organization management id determined to put in all work and effort to ensure that the solution is arrived at.

A cloud-based solution will allow collaboration and resource sharing. The organization departments will be able to work collaboratively and together to achieve the organizations' goal of providing quality dental care, timely and effectively. The clinical team will be able to share resources on their practice. The use of evidence-based practices will be possible to use since the dentists can communicate and share resources as well as knowledge on patient care easily and without having to move away from their homes. The dentists will only visit the hospital premises on specific days when they have appointments with their patients. This will decrease crowds in the hospital and allow the hospital employees to continue performing their duties efficiently. The patients will also find it easier to visit the hospital then. With THE Assurance that there are no crowds anymore, the patients will be delighted to get the quality dental care they seek. They will be able to avoid the virus that they dread and live better lives with an assurance of quality care from their house.

The cloud-based environment will assist the organization process claims faster and efficiently. With continuous communication, the vendors will reach out directly and interact with the organization management, which will also be in touch with the clinical team. Th availability of the Microsoft azure software-as-a-service offering of Microsoft Teams and Skype, the teams will be able to collaborate and communicate seamlessly. This will then ease the repot generation by the clinical teams and claim processing for the vendors to deliver the required resources on time and within budget.

With the use of group policy and the management groups provided by the Microsoft Azure subscriptions, the teams will be able to communicate seamlessly. The specific subscriptions for specific departments make the work even simpler for the management. The work of the management team will be highly simplified and will be done entirely via the group policy on the azure portal. The use of Microsoft Teams will make it easier for the departmental meetings and the strategic management meetings. The output of implementing the cloud solution will be an easier way of doing things within the environment. It will also increase revenue as well as making work easier for everyone. For instance, the IT team will be able to install OS updates and installations remotely and without having to visit the hospital premises. The overall output of the organizational performance will be better and will fit into the current industry standards.

Quality Assurance

Formative Evaluation

The process of quality assurance is done on all projects after completion. It is the process of ensuring that the quality of the project is achieved and that the solution meets the requirements as well as complying with the industry standards and the government regulations. Quality assurance is done in many methods. The Elegantly Restored project quality assurance and the use of several metrics, including; product metrics, process metrics, and project metrics.

The process metrics are those metrics that focus on the process implementations of the system. Th process metrics concentrate on improving the efficiency of the project development processes such as the design process, development process, and the implementation and deployment process. The proceed metrics help in identifying deficiencies such as bugs that were not identified in the test process and the percentage of the quality of the process itself towards the whole project. On the other hand, product metrics are used to determine the overall quality of the product. The product metrics focus on time, budget, and other resources that contribute to the quality of the solution (Samarawickrama, 2019). The product metrics, therefore, may be used to determine the delivery methodology of the system, the accuracy of the project deliverables, and the launch times to improve them. Lastly, the project metrics measure the team efficiency of the project team. The project development team ought to collaborate and work together to produce quality work. This is what the project metrics are used to ascertain.

Solution Testing and Test Cases

Solution testing is done throughout the project development cycle. Each module has a testing process that is undertaken to ascertain whether the particular module meets the requirements. The tests are then documented to inform the users and assist them in navigating the platform. The Elegantly Restored project underwent solution testing at every stage, including the unit tests and other module-level tests. At the end of project development, it was exposed to acceptance testing and beta testing. These tests were all used to ascertain that the project was acceptable in the industry and met the requirements. The system had to comply with industry standards and regulations. The use of test cases was also made in the process of testing project deliverables. Each test case was then documented after that and the feedback of the test case given as well.

Project Review

Project Assumptions

Any project in the organization is dependent on various assumptions. The project team cannot control all aspects affecting the project development and implementation. Therefore, some assumptions are made that remain constant or change depending on the timeline, the requirements, and the goals of the organization. The cloud-based solution proposed for the Elegantly Restored organization has several assumptions made about the requirement specifications, the user requirements, and the project implementation. The environmental factors are also put in place many assumptions relating to the same are also considered. There are assumptions on the time and the budget, as well as the stakeholders and the sponsor.

For a system to work as expected, the comprehension of the assumptions is critical. According to Yang et al. (2018), the assumption work as building blocks of the system and need to be understood by the development team for them to make more sense and help in achieving the organizations' goals and objectives. In most cases, assumptions are met entirely. However, in the case of the Elegantly Restored cloud-based solution, the assumptions were not all met as expected. For instance, it was assumed that the project would be completed within time and budget but did not happen exactly. With a few human resource risks here and there, the project was completed within time abut after adjusting the budget slightly to cover the miscellaneous occurrences of the budget stretch throughout the project.

It was assumed that the transition into the cloud-based system would be smooth since the stakeholder training would be enough to assist the stakeholders in learning about the project and the simpler use of the system. The stakeholder training, however, was not enough. Most stakeholders took a lot of time to understand the system, which delayed the project launch. The stakeholders were all used to do things from the office and interacting verbally with each other. It was, therefore, a long stretch for all of them to grasp the working dynamics of the system.

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