Paper Example: Leadership Challenges Contained By Coca-Cola Company

Published: 2023-11-24
Paper Example: Leadership Challenges Contained By Coca-Cola Company
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The Coca-Cola Corporation was set up in 1892. It developed its headquarters in Atlanta. The Coca-Cola franchise is derived as the most conspicuous drink industry in the world. It managed forty-eight percent of the total market share. The corporation is subject to more than one hundred and sixty different beverages within the market (Renz & Vogel, 2016). It comprises two hundred countries. The Company distributes syrup concentrate, to a great extent, which is then obtainable to several bottlers across the globe, which is established to hold particular states. The items being produced by the Company are tea, drinking water, coffee, juices, sports drinks, and some other products. Regardless, just like other organizations are faced with challenges, Coca-Cola Company is not an exception. Since the mid-2000s, the responses over Coca-Cola foodstuffs' use equally as the association escalated with pressures across various fields. The Coca-Cola Company has been exposed to multiple cases concerning these multiple responses. Paper reading is designed to examine the meaningful challenge affecting the Coca-Cola Company and the possible strategy to overcome the impending problem effectively.

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The Primary Stakeholders

Coca-Cola forms a collaboration with several alliances across the world, creating a coalition both at a local and global level, more so, over a broad scope of limits. The organization believes in achieving the goal together (Brondoni, 2020). The Company's stakeholders include business partners, suppliers, customers, and employees. The Company's approach to managing the partner's duty is revolved around inclusiveness, obligation, and consistency. The responsibility incorporates various local and global organizations over multiple areas, including environmental protection, social and monetary enhancement. More engagement involves initiatives that include a segment of the biggest competitors. Commitment from an assorted array of stakeholders helps with evolving and further develop the company goals.

The first stakeholders forming the Company are the suppliers. Coca-Cola has numerous suppliers' unrefined materials, for instance, ingredients, packaging, and equipment, product, and ventures to the association have improved things for the customers. Likewise, these suppliers must ensure natural materials with dependable quality and quantities with affordable prices.

The second and essential stakeholders of the Coca-Cola Company are the customers. The customers are identified as a significant portion of the Coca-Cola Company. They are referred to as the Company's most crucial representation because they help appraise the quality company's brands. Besides, the customers form strong organizations and sound expenses among various factors subsequently of their portion. Consequently, the Company needs to contemplate whether they meet or do not the satisfaction of the customers.

The other shareholders are the employees who run the Company and provide the assurance of better performance. Employees are one of the most imperative internal abettors of the Coca-Cola Company. This relies on the fact that the employees will help Coca-Cola in the existence of the Company's operation. The larger population of employees depends on the Company's wages, whereby they expect good opportunities. Without any of the three stakeholders, the Company would not achieve much since each shareholder depends upon the other.

Company's Mission

The mission statement of an association initiates in understanding the progressiveness of an affiliation. Statements of purpose are remarkably powerful navigational instruments whenever the management team is pondering the organization's future. According to Brondoni (2020), the pivotal mission of The Coca-Cola Company is to energize the world with its beverages. More so, it is focused on making a difference in its performance process, generate value, and instigate great confidence and satisfying moments. The Coca-Cola Company stated that it aims to strengthen the world in cognizance, body, and soul and to persuade depictions of certainty and delight through its brands and exercises.

Company's Vision

General public

Motivating each other to their highest expectation by creating an incredible working environment


Capitalizing on maximum profit to the investors while being aware of the Company's general obligations


Venturing on being a profoundly compelling, lean and fast-developing company


Cultivating a triumphant system of coconspirators and establishing standard devotion


The Company presents the world with a range of beverages brands that envision and fulfill the wish of individuals and their needs


Ensuring a dependable worldwide resident that demonstrates any positive impact by assisting with developing and backing manageable networks.

Company's Code of Ethics

The indispensable keys are integrity. In any affiliation, the conflicts of interest are immensely seen as where the association emanates first. Integrity deals with the entire system forming the partnership that joins the customers, suppliers, buyers, and competitors (Le et al., 2017). This code of ethics is suitably expertized in all association functions. The delegates of the association must have respectability to use Coca-Cola's resources appropriately in an appropriate manner and not taking any personal advantage. Furthermore, the staff, including the manager and supervisors, must have trustworthiness when supervising people within the association and those outside the association. In general, the employees must take everything into account and be reasonable about what they are allowed to state and screen the information that must remain within the affiliation. It is noteworthy that the company team advanced fidelity to Coca-Cola to put the Company's interest at the forefront. This is made with trustworthiness programs, capacitation, and rewards.

A Detailed Analysis of a Challenge Being Faced By the Coca-Cola Company

Conflict leadership is one of the challenges that is facing the Coca-Cola Company. Conflict is being witnessed to exist between the employees and the management system, where some information is not shared with the employees by the top management officials. In 2013, there were massive changes that were made in the organization. Some of the leaders were seen to call off their roles by quitting their positions, followed by a massive reorganization of other positions (Kimathi, 2016). Similarly, the bottling department and franchising department were not left behind when the changes were being made. Changes were also made to the hierarchy whereby the top management was reformed. The shareholders accepted the transformation process with the belief that this would result in a positive performance in the firm's functioning. On the contrary, the employees did not receive the changes by developing anxiety in them. This created tension and insecurity for the employees to lose their relationship with the organization quickly.

Failure to involve the employee was one of the major issues that created conflict with the employees. Only the top management staff conveyed the information within themselves. Amazingly, the top management had the idea that the employees would not take it as a norm upon excluding them in conducting their conversations. However, they could not be easily convinced to accept the vagaries in positions previously held. This stands to be the main reason why the employees were not consulted. The changes directly affected the employees by losing the positions that they yet heal. The rest of the employees gained fear from this experience since they believe that they must be involved in any organization's decision-making process. The employed strategy portrayed a negative impact to the employees even though it was the most effective one to apply at a particular circumstance.

To sum it all, the Coca-Cola Company is doing so well since the management team is focused on employing various management strategies. In some cases, every employee needs not to be consulted despite the notion that democratic leadership is the type of governance being embraced by the Company. The employees are much included in most of the decision-making process; for instance, they are involved in the decisions designed to encounter the objectives and strategies to meet the Company's goals. The employees are motivated by utilizing a theory that remains valid despite being implemented some years ago. The Company does not leave the needs of the employees unattended. The highlighted prerequisites include solving relatedness and development needs. The organizational changes that were currently done created fear for the employees since they were never consulted. Still, the technique is thought to be the best since less time is utilized since consultations and decisions would not be readily accepted.

The Strategy That Can Be Employed To Overcome the Conflict Challenge in an Organization

The strategy to overcome the challenge is dealing with the conflict openly and immediately; welcoming differences in viewpoints are expressed; explaining why the leadership team may need to act as arbitrators. The work structure needs to be presented to the employees, and a clear explanation should be outlined why it is essential. Immediate action should be taken quickly whenever a conflict arises within an organization. Taking a longer time to respond to the disputes allows more time for resentments to bubble. For this reason, it is, therefore, essential to attend to the conflict quickly and transparently. The report by Blank (2019) stated that the fast resolution measures seek to maintain a sense of harmony within the working environment. Therefore, the leaders are compelled to have an open communication channel whenever discussions are held relating to the Company's well-being. Notably, attending to the source of the challenge being experienced in the Company directly involves honest conversations and little detective work.

The current study on conflict management in a workplace is insufficient on systems expected to oversee conflict at the macro level. There are the criteria that give assurance of success to conflict management upon meeting the requirements. The effectiveness of conflict organizational strategies is developed from various literature works based on organizational theory and corporate conduct. The criteria that are reasonable in conflict management include the enhancement of organizational learning and efficacy. The preceding considers the satisfaction of stakeholders' needs and observes ethics, whereby an ethical leader must be keen on behaving ethically. The literature fulfills the criteria meant to overcome the conflict that is experienced in an organization.

First, a practical methodology to effectively resolve the conflict should seek to serve as a breaking point to affective conflicts at numerous stages. Enthusiastic conflict insinuates anomaly in social associations, which happens when decisive individuals become vigilant that their assessments regarding some of the issues are found to be mismatched. Relationship conflicts interfere with the task-related effort since the general public turns around fading risks, mounting power, and generating connections instead of working on the task. The conflict makes people pessimistic, terribly alleviated, questionable, and furious. The findings show affective conflict hampers the execution of the group. It impacts group execution by regulating the ability of information planning and intellectual working as a team.

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