Free Essay with the Project Meeting Summary

Published: 2022-03-18
Free Essay with the Project Meeting Summary
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It was the second project meeting, and it was held on 13th February 2018. Those in attendance were representatives from CP & KR (GC), PT & Ndia (ID), Soh (RLA) and MR (Aucon). Some of the items addressed during the meeting included: Facade Lighting Design, Opening of Tender and Alucobond Aluminium Composite Panel.

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Agenda 1: Facade Lighting Design

ID architects brought along the lighting consultant from Aucon, who helped them design and propose lighting design perspective. According to the proposal, the LED lighting effect was expected to cover the whole building, including the design wave on the cladding of the front entrance to three color band of the perimeter wall, and warm wall lamp effect on every column at level 5 reinforce concrete roof. From the consultant's perspective, the newly proposed LED lighting effect across the building will enhance the design of this iconic German building. However, the GC opined that irrespective of applying LED light technologies, energy wastage is still a primary issue. This challenge can be experienced when it comes to turning on the lights, especially when nobody is working at IBP. Low traffic on the road of AYE and JTC hall road was also identified as the critical factor that contributes to the issue of energy waste. According to GC, the lighting consultant was requested to structure more design proposals for consideration and proposal.

Agenda 2: Opening of Tender

The opening of the tender was successfully conducted, the final pricing of Keyon quoted being SCD 4, 000. The QS will perform the tender evaluation tasks, which will be followed by tender interviewing and clarification process. It was agreed that the tender interviewing and clarification process should be completed before 22nd February 2018. Some of the additional tasks included in this tender are the pure-cure glass window panels for the east/west wing spiral staircase, the wave design printing on the panels with the three-color band along the perimeter wall, new vertical wall in the roof area, new aluminum louver for staircases/ restroom, and new doors for level one fire exit staircases.

Agenda 3: Alucobond Aluminium Composite Panel

Mayor Lim raised a concern regarding the issue of Alucobond Aluminium Composite Panel, prompting CP to refer the matter to the Quality Person. M/s was supposed to follow up on this issue with Mayor Lim. It was agreed that the ID architect should ensure the quantity requirement of sampled panels are sent for testing and evaluation. It was observed that the procedure would have a significant impact on the entire project costs, ultimately resulting in the delays of the construction period. KR requested ID architects to explore other cladding materials to be used as alternatives when changes in the documents are required.

The SCDF will randomly pick four samples per color sample panel for the company's project to be used in NFPA test. Alucobond Aluminium's design perspective consisted of four color panels: grey, black, red and gold. According to Major Lim, NFPA 285 test for our building is four color X four elevations X SGD100, 000, and the total cost is S$1,600,000 and this will affect our project cost. To explore and to choose other material for replacement will have an impact on timing due to delay.


Representatives of parties present CP & KR (GC), PT & Ndia (ID), Soh (RLA) exhausted all issues raised, before the adjournment of the meeting

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