Essay Sample on Project Management Application

Published: 2023-09-28
 Essay Sample on Project Management Application
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As the globe determines to identify a way to the ongoing Coronavirus state, numerous organizations have decided to offer remote working for their staff. For these firms, attendance must be rationalized and managed successfully despite their remote workers. Monitoring attendance manually for remote workers is an enormous task, and using paperwork attendance systems can be ineffective in the current setting. An employee information system (EIS) in UAE can solve these challenges and track work performance without any inaccuracies. Employee information systems and remote work in UAE may pose benefits for both the organization and staff. The advantages comprise improved throughput and performance, advanced staff recruitment and retention, cost decline, crisis reaction, and better work-life balance (Oduh et al., 2018).

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Business case

A smart management tool grounded on the government-established guidelines and offers services such as staffing, tracking training and workforce designing, upholding service records, loan and advances, online allocation procedure, roster, payroll, staff promotional actions, and keeping seniority of different employee categories. The platform will ensure an enabled workflow system to certify that organizational functioning in the UAE remains the same, resulting in a paperless office. Also, the system will have an optimized search engine to monitor the related information and generate reports that will aid in tracking day-to-day employee tasks (Oduh et al., 2018). The product will cover various areas such as data transfer, backup, system security, record keeping, recovery, automation of different departments, and multiple management devices to assist the organization at the period of establishing decisions (Jia et al., 2017). Organizations in UAE will utilize this information to enhance their firm operations and increase competitive edge while working remotely. Each employee will be able to communicate extra details by establishing modifications that the system tracks. The director will gather the inputs and send the recently revised file to the target audience.

Selection Criteria

There existed various selection criteria of an appropriate project, according to the aim and the situation. The selection criteria for the project include:

1) Achieving the government order. The UAE government encouraged the execution of a remote working system for all businesses for a part-time and full-time basis, even in typical situations, to deliver a stable economy consistent to the state's vision. The resolution will apply to all UAE staff eligible to remote working as specified by the governmental units and according to human resources processes and electronic systems sanctioned by the Federal Government.

2) Tracking time efficiently with the deployment of online timesheets to plan and allocate tasks to the employees working remotely. The timesheets will be shared digitally for endorsement, and the personnel will have the capability to add their operational hours using the devices provided. Also, the online timesheets and influential reports will minimize costs and enhance performance as the manager will monitor all the information without the necessity of using paperwork.

3) The third criterion is to improve transparency. With an employee information system, the staff can clock the whole output and project hours, making the entire process transparent. Also, it will make the employees more responsible for the task they perform as they can obtain all the information linked to their attendance, minimizing their reliance on the HR department.

Objective and goals

EIS shapes incorporation between information technology and human resource management. The employee information system offers the executives with data to establish organizational decisions helping them monitor staff and information regarding their operations remotely. The monitoring is performed using a series of related databases or programs. Information systems in UAE will improve the efficiency of the organization through more active structural communication, employee participation, and enhanced skills of the staff. Thus, the primary objectives and goals of EIS are:


  • 1) Deliver precise and timely information about staff
  • 2) Provide data regarding employee functioning and relevant environmental aspects.
  • 3) Planning essential transaction procedures and updated information.
  • 4) Utilize the most efficient way of processing data.
  • 5) Recognizing recovered and reporting needs of information.


  • 1) Establishment of a comprehensive database to satisfy employee needs.
  • 2) Generate the desired information accessible using the right criterion and according to the policy of the organization and state.
  • 3) Enhancing pertinent supporting records.
  • 4) Delivering needed security and secrecy for vital and confidential data.
  • 5) Maintaining up-to-date information.


In this project, we got four requirements, employee, technical, equipment, and organizational necessities.

Employee requirements

  • 1) Remote workers must be available on a regular work schedule during the agreed time irrespective of their location.
  • 2) Employees need to remain productive and responsive during their scheduled work hours.
  • 3) Adhere to organizations information security policy
  • 4) Staff must maintain presence by utilizing the appropriate software comprising but not limited to a messaging application, computer, video conferencing, Google sheets, and email.

Technical requirements

  • 1) The gadgets issued by the organization must support all browsing programs
  • 2) The devices should have anti-theft tools to safeguard them from burglary.

Equipment requirements

  • 1) Remote working guidelines
  • 2) Authentication of duo two factor
  • 3) Zoom
  • 4) VPN

Organizational requirements

  • 1) Using the available software to provide a one record system employee, payroll, and talent management
  • 2) Employ qualified and proficient information system designers to plan the product for remote working
  • 3) Assess employees' performance to ensure they are in a better position and identify if the work traits display the recognized qualities for successful remote workers such as the capability to work independently, responsiveness, and reliability.


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Oduh, I.U., Misra, S., Damaševicius, R. and Maskeliunas, R., 2018, January. Cloud-based simple employee management information system: a model for African small and medium enterprises. In International Conference on Information Theoretic Security, pp. 115-128. [Online]. Available at [Accessed 09 July. 2020].

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