Free Essay Example. My Leadership Skills

Published: 2023-05-02
Free Essay Example. My Leadership Skills
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Excellent communication - I have mastered practical listening skills. I understand that professional listening skills encompass listening to communicated messages, considering relevant questions concerning the message and listening for emotions behind such messages.

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Social skills - I interact well with my colleagues and teammates (De Vries, 2012). I use the transformational leadership style within my workplace. I work with my team, acting as a leader as well as creating a vision to guide the provision of inspiration to the junior staff and identify any needed change. Through my leadership style, I have always wanted to see my organization runs better in terms of management and performance than the way it is currently. In every meeting we have, my supervisor helps me grow through motivation, innovation, and shaping the future success of the company (De Vries, 2012). His push towards growth and rejection of complacency is a trait that is attributed to transformational leadership.

Based on my leadership trait, the positive aspects are probably similar through which we share common characteristics. The negative aspects are evident when trying to change a particular way of working where some of the group members feel they should not be subjected to any change. However, I interact well with the rest of my team, and I am accommodative and an excellent listener to everyone and respect each one's type of style.

Essential criteria for my leadership


Openness is also referred to as openness towards experience, and it's a virtue that has guided me. It is a personality trait that significantly helps to bring cohesiveness and plays a significant role when it comes to the building of different connections among the teams (De Vries, 2012). This, therefore, means that whenever relationships are stronger, workers become more engaged and committed to the will of the team and working together to achieve the objectives and goals in my industry, which is so sensitive. This is a personality trait that has greatly enabled me to make use of an approachable model of leadership that allows the teammates to provide the people with a general feeling of closeness working alongside me and not for me. Openness personality is also likely to create fear among the workers, which makes it difficult for a leader to lead in a healthcare organization that requires a lot of consultation.


Extraverts are believed to be friendly, cheerful, and assertive, especially in their interactions. I can confirm that I am an average extrovert, which has seen me succeed in healthcare leadership. It is a personality that allows me to take more exposure during the discussion and development of a relationship. It is an essential personality model that is highly effective, especially in a healthcare environment that requires more attention. In my view, extraversion has been a highly successful type of personality as it allows individuals to engage more in healthy conversation and is forceful in their opinion. Additionally, these types of leaders will enable the development of a relationship, which serves as a great resource whenever required.


Agreeableness is one personality trait that can be used for the measurement of an individual's kindness and warmth. In a situation where one tends to be so agreeable, they can easily be trusted, and they show more compassion and a helping hand. I can't declare that I own all the traits associated with agreeableness, but to some extent, I have practiced a number of them in my leadership (Nikbin, 2011). This is a highly essential personality characteristic that would effectively work well in the healthcare environment. In a healthcare environment, kindness and warmth are highly necessary to help in consoling the sick and also to give the doctors and the nurse a sufficient reason as to why they should continue working in such an organization. On the opposite, if a leader has a disagreeableness personality, it is likely to make them be perceived as non-accommodative leaders who are never ready to take care of other people's views. Therefore, in my view, agreeableness is an absolute advantage that would help towards building a team and ensuring harmony exists in the working environment.


Conscientiousness is a type of personality that is carried by individuals that have a powerful sense of duty. These types of people are highly dependable, focused on achievement, and more disciplined. It is an effective personality trait that has greatly helped me to become more reliable, punctual purposeful, dependable, strong-willed, and highly determined in the leadership quest. In my view, this is a personality characteristic that enables leaders to become more concerned about the work and their responsibility. It perfectly fits in a healthcare environment where both the leaders and other staff need to be more concerned about what they do, bearing in mind that the environment is highly sensitive (Nikbin, 2011). Therefore, in my opinion, conscientious leader is believed to be very meticulous and organized, and they harbor the thinking for allowing for mistakes. Additionally, this type of leader could be ineffective in a situation where they appear to lack creativity and innovativeness.


  • Lack political astuteness
  • Lacks interactional skills
  • Slow decision-maker


De Vries, R. E. (2012). Personality predictors of leadership styles and the self-other agreement problem. The Leadership Quarterly, 23(5), 809-821.

Abu-Jarad, I., Sulaiman, M., & Nikbin, D. (2011). The impact of personality and leadership styles on leading change capability of Malaysian managers. Australian Journal of Business and Management Research, 1(2), 70.

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