Marketing Essay Example: Omega Staffing Agency

Published: 2022-10-12
Marketing Essay Example: Omega Staffing Agency
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Product: Omega Staffing Agency services

Omega staffing agency provides organizations with a chance to get employees for hire at a faster means by availing employees easily to the organizations that might be in need. Today, most organization works in the form of projects in that when the objectives of the project are met, the organization gets dissolved. In such a case scenario, the employer might not need to have employees who stay permanently but rather employees on contract thus Omega Staffing Agency coming in handy. Omega Staffing Agency is thus a pond of employees with different skills who are availed for hire by other organizations that might be in need of workers on a contract or skilled manpower temporarily. In terms of business marketing, the workers on hire are the main product offered by the organization (Fine, 2017).

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Placement and target group and the segment

Omega Staffing Agency services will become handy to the small organizations that have independent projects that don't run for a long period of time thus require temporary employees or staff members. The services will also be placed or made available to the organizations that might run short of the skilled or qualified technician, and they might need a service from one thus hiring from the Omega Staffing Agency. This agency, therefore, is a form of union of workers with different skills and technical knowledge and are ready to work for any organization on contract/ temporarily. This kind of service will be useful to both small and big organizations since both might be in need of skilled employees in one way or the other. Employees or staff members like plumbers, IT technicians among others might not be necessary for an organization in terms of permanent employment but might be needed thus Omega will be helping in such situations (Ruwida, 2017). Geographically, the agency will be available to provide services across the country after well establishing and coming up with a big number of staff.


The price of an individual staff who is available for hire as per Omega Staffing Agency depends on the various factors like the particular technical skill of the individual, the work experience of the staff, the level of education that the individual has attained and the period that the staff is to be hired. Some organization might be interested in one particular staff while some might be in need of several staff members, this will also determine the discount level offered to the employees. The particular pricing of the employees will, therefore, be dependent on all the stated factors meaning, more experience, a higher level of education among others, the higher the pricing. Profits for the agency will be made by ensuring that all the staff members are hired to agencies that require staff with technical skills and experience that is vast. The agency will limit staff to a higher level of education thus increasing the prices for hire which will in turn help them make profits.

Promotion and Marketing

After coming up with a well-laid structure of how the organization's structure will be laid and determining the exact prices that the agency will be disposing their staff at, the agency will then use the following methods to make sure that the staff members are relevant to the market and are made known to those who might need them (Tuten & Solomon, 2017). Omega Staffing Agency will be using the internet to market its service since most of the organizations today are managed online. Social media is one of the marketing tools that most organizations use today as it reaches a big population in a very convenient, affordable and faster way. The agency will also be looking at the new organizations being opened across the country ensuring that they make the organizations aware of the services that they provide. Market research will, therefore, be done regularly to determine the new organizations that might require staff members to hire. Alongside this mode of marketing and advertisement, the agency will also be using the dailies once in a while to market the services thus more marketing strategies.


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