Business Essay Sample on Process Integration

Published: 2019-10-29
Business Essay Sample on Process Integration
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The current global business environment is highly unpredictable, therefore; organizations must place precedence on creating competitive advantages. This can be attained by reinventing business processes as well as focusing on customer satisfaction. Transitioning from traditional to process integration model has proved to be an uphill task for many organizations. There are different organizational areas in which supply chain management impacts by process administration and integration. This paper seeks to examine global alignment and supply chain management and some of the areas that supply chain management influenced by business process integration and management.

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Global alignment and supply chain management

Business process management essentially refers to the continuous process of evaluating and improving the basics of business and components of business operations. McAdam and McCormack (2001) argue that organization structures change to relate to their environment and be able to make proper strategic decisions. According to business process management (BPM), organizations can reinvent their operations constantly evaluating and monitoring their structure and workflow along with benchmarking. McAdam and McCormack in their research found out that less than 10% of business organizations constantly reinvent themselves when needed for global survival. The other 90% mainly reinvent them with a primary motive of remaining competitive.

Organizations that re-invent themselves become more efficient in dispensing and producing products to consumers. Supply chain management refers to coordinating activities from sourced material then to production and finally to the consumer (Verma, 2009). It is an important organizational process that helps an organization gain a competitive advantage as it helps in driving performance enhancement, generating profit, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing overall operational cost (BPM (Conference), Daniel, Barkaoui, & Dustdar, 2012).. To effectively reduce cost, businesses need to create effective and efficient business processes by integrating between companies.

McAdam and McCormack in a bid to help to understand the relationship between supply chain management and business process management, they conducted a research study that looked into the nature of supply chain management and its connection to other supply chains. The study was managed by both external and internal systems and also quality controlled. The research findings did not entirely illustrate that organizations would attain success by integrating supply chain and business operations. Furthermore, the research findings showed that there is no direct proof illustrating that organizations were misusing business processes within its supply chains.

One of the largest telecommunications equipment in the Northern America is the Nortel Networks Corporation. It produced optical and wireless operators and network switching. The company in a bid to integrate link business processes across its supply chains, it developed manufacturing 2000. This was used for producing organizational plants into supply chain centers. These centers were independent and operated by its supply chain activities. The companys management chose 23 global assembling centers of which seven of them would be obliged. They made one of their offices in Northern Ireland as the main system house for Europe. The main functions of the office were dealing with production network as well as assuring that all procedures were adequately sorted or adjusted.

The research findings of McAdam and McCormack indicated that the management of Nortel allowed different ways through the various phases or capacities of the store network to grow and fulfill the needs of its consumers. The company also reduced the quantity of supplies to decrease the reliance on supplies and also to deal with the unpredictable system.

Integration and manufacturing improvement programs

According to Cagliano, Caniato, & Spina, (2006), to profit by integrating supply chain is merging with the organizations internal strategic combination. The higher the internal integration, the more the execution obtained from the usage of SCM methods. The findings of the study used the regression model to dissect their influence on the supplier integration process. Choosing ERP does not have a substantive measure of effect on the entire data sharing framework update.

Business process integration and management influences

SCM influences interrelated areas of value identification, customer definition, value perception and value creation process design. Companies like Microsoft is an example of a supply chain synchronized to build supply chain customer satisfaction.


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