Free Essay with a Personal Statement of an English Teacher

Published: 2017-08-19
Free Essay with a Personal Statement of an English Teacher
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Globalization has led to the increased need for communication between individuals from different cultures, societies, and geographical boundaries. Language as a means of communication is at the core of facilitating interaction between people all over the world. English is one of the languages that have contributed to increased interaction at various levels between people of different cultures. My interest in English language teaching has led me on a journey of interaction and understanding of various cultures around the world; with japan in particular being a major academic and personal influence. I would like to study in Japan to improve my outlook on cultures different from what i have previously encountered and to contribute to the teaching of English as a second language to enhance global understanding.,

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I was raised in a small town in Illinois, with little cultural diversity. However, when I moved to Hawaii, I interacted with people from different countries globally, different religions, races and cultures. The nature of interaction enabled me to appreciate the differences and similarities between the cultures and developed in me a desire to reach out to other cultures to build understanding. Interacting with people from different countries gave me a broad outlook on the world that enables me to understand different cultures and get to build good interpersonal and work relationships with people from different backgrounds.

My work with English as a second language did not just affect my academic life, it has also spread to my personal life. In my quest to reach out and interact with people of different cultures, I met my wife; who is Japanese. My personal life has given me the chance to travel to Japan on several occasions. From my travels to Japan, I have set upon opening an English language school in Japan to utilize my skills. The desire of the people in Japan to learn English is great. The Japanese have identified English as a useful tool in building global partnerships and fostering social and economic goals.

Many of the things I have valued a lot in life originate from Japan. I have watched and read anime comics for a long time and have acquired a significant collection. The style of anime tales to tell stories about people and life has greatly captivated me. Anime is a trademark Japanese art. The anime artists provide a unique point of view to fiction and non-fiction that not only entertains, but provides valuable life lessons. I have also been a great fan of the Samurai history. The philosophy, doctrines, art and culture of the samurai have been items of great interest to me. The myths and realities associated with the samurai have fueled my desire to learn more about Japanese traditions and its associated aspects. Studying in Japan will provide me with an opportunity to learn and grow academically and socially.

The global scene is quick to adopt elements from other cultures that are deemed useful in carrying out economic, social and academic tasks. English is one of the elements that has been instrumental in fueling economic, social and academic and social development. Many countries all over the world are experiencing increased use of English language to facilitate communication in social, academic and economic circles. My experience with the uptake of English language in Japan has spurred my desire to study in Japan; an opportunity that will allow me to have a first-hand experience with Japanese culture. Understanding Japanese culture will provide me a suitable perspective to instruct students in English as a second language due to the ability to relate with them from their perspective. In this way, cultural tolerance can be developed and a global mindset can be established.

In my professional experience, I have worked with clients from various nationalities for five years. I have worked with many Japanese students in my professional capacity and the interaction with them has contributed to the desire to study and work in Japan. I have enjoyed my professional experience with clients especially of Japanese origin. Language is one of the elements of culture that facilitate intercultural relationships. In teaching English to Japanese clients, language has facilitated significant exposure to new cultures and norms. Coming from a background with little cultural diversity, language for me has been a tool of interaction and understanding the norms of new and interesting cultures such as the Japanese culture. I am therefore interested in studying in Japan to enhance my academic skills, develop a better understanding of the culture, and contribute to unity in the global village.

Language is an important aspect in facilitating interaction between different cultures. Language in itself represents a culture-specific to the origin of the language. As a teacher of English as a second language, I have the desire to further my skills in Japan to develop my academic proficiency and to create my cultural awareness and use to facilitate better delivery of content in teaching English. The scholarship will provide me with an opportunity to study in Japan and provide me with necessary academic and social skills to efficiently deliver content to my clients and get a long better socially.

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