Presentation Example about the Importance of Employee Satisfaction

Published: 2022-09-12
Presentation Example about the Importance of Employee Satisfaction
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Specific Purpose: To inform the audience about the importance of employee satisfaction

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Thesis: Employee satisfaction occurs in various forms, and people should be informed to realize the associated benefits.


Attention getter: unsatisfied employees are less productive, less efficient and may not stay longer at their job.


First I will discuss what is employee satisfaction

Second I will discuss signs of unsatisfied employees

Finally, I will discuss the benefits of employee satisfaction

Credibility statement: I have read various literature on employee satisfaction, interviewed both employees and employers and done research on the internet mainly using peer reviewed journals.

Reason to listen: Employee satisfaction is one of the main factors that determine organization success, and it is important to be knowledgeable about the facts (Bakotic, 2016).

Main points

Employee satisfaction means comfort at the workplace

Unsatisfied employees show several adverse signs at work

Satisfaction at the job can be enhanced using various interventions

Employee satisfaction has multiple benefits to an organization


Meaning of employee satisfaction

Happy employees are comfortable with policies and procedures. Satisfaction means that employees will not show open objection to the organization norms and culture. They will be comfortable working under what the management has established.

Satisfied employees are always happy. This aspect will be shown by how employees behave at the workplace in relation to their daily duties. Satisfied employees will show an aspect of happiness with minimum agitations or aggression towards other people. They will appear jovial as they carry out their daily activities.

Employees are comfortable with the workplace environment. Satisfied employees will feel comfortable with their working environment in relation to other employees, employers. They will also be pleased with the environment in regards to health and safety conditions.


Transition 1: Now that I have discussed the definition of employee satisfaction, I will now discuss the signs of unsatisfied employees.

Dissatisfied employees show lack of teamwork. They will not coordinate well with other employees in duties that require teamwork to accomplish. This might delay the achievement of organizations goals.

Poor interaction with coworkers. They may appear withdrawn from the rest of the workers with little interaction in job activities as well as in social aspects.

They show low morale at work.

Poor communication (Nielsen et al, 2017)

Transition 2: after identifying the signs of unsatisfied employees, it is important to initiate measures to enhance satisfaction.

Treating employee with respect will make them feel more comfortable at workplace

Providing routine employee recognition will make them feel more valuable

Improving benefits and compensation will make the employees happier and keep them longer.

Offering incentives such as job trips and enhancing proper working environment will also make them love their job as well as their workplace (Mafini & Pooe, 2013).

Transition 3: Finally I highlight the benefits of employee satisfaction

Satisfied employees are more happy and productive

Happy employees believe in self-efficacy

Happy employees make decisions that benefit the organization

Happy workers collectively for the benefit of organization (Nielsen et al, 2017).


Review of main points

Today, I have first discussed the meaning of job satisfaction

Second, I discussed the signs of unsatisfied employees

Third, I discussed how employee satisfaction could be improved

Finally, I highlighted the benefits of job satisfaction

Restate thesis: Employee satisfaction occurs in various forms, and people should be informed to realize the associated benefits.

Closure: In conclusion, it is important always to remember that employee satisfaction plays a significant role in determining the success of an organization.


Bakotic, D. (2016). Relationship between job satisfaction and organizational performance. Economic Research, 29(1), 118-130.

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