Preparing to Pass the HRCI Exam, HR Management Essay Sample

Published: 2022-02-28
Preparing to Pass the HRCI Exam, HR Management Essay Sample
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In HRCI, there are a set of exam content outlines that are vital for the propagation of students learning and studying approaches. In this manner, students can scrutinize the exam content outlines, the kinds of assignments that gear student towards arriving at the coursework objectives and towards meeting final exam requirement and excellence skills. The framework for HRCI is made to enable the graduates from the course to suit the needs of the various industries in the world of business and human resources (Kells & Miles, 2015). This essay aims at analyzing the HRCI course, multiple modes of assignments and creation of a possible and workable study plan that portrays a roadmap towards achieving better outcomes and later results in the final exam in the course.

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In spite of the fact that HRCI provides students with the required and necessary resources and tips to enhance their exam experience, students should know that not all exam preparations work well for all the students. According to the latest analysis of most of the students who graduated from the institution, the most successful are the ones who devised their way of studying. Below is an outline of a viable study plan for achieving the objectives of HRCI examination panel:

i. Taking a keen look at the HR principles since HRCI exams are set using the principles. For a proper understanding of the HR principles, approaches towards making short notes to the same should be put in place and read accordingly (Kells & Miles, 2015).

ii. As the second step in the study plan, students should acquire the knowledge of the HR competence gaps, take not on some exam preparation requirements and resources. Also, it requires one to develop a way of building their own experience using the Build Your Bundle approach that is abbreviated as BYOB. The plan helps in saving money and time by combining both exam application and the required study resources.

iii. Creating a study plan that conforms with the manner by which the institution aligns the learning styles with the setting of the exam. However, a convenient study option may be combined with a set plan.

iv. Taking samples of HRCI exams and start practicing them to maintain the pace and the set structure of the exam format.

v. Making a prior study plan that includes scheduled practices that are well dated and maintaining proper study habits. As a projection towards better outcome and effectiveness, a precise adjustment should be employed to progress with the set study plan appropriately.

From the content about HRCI exam, especially the content communicating about personal knowledge that is vital for preparation of a review, the two areas identified to be critical in passing exams are making a preparation overview and 'building your bundle.' The most appropriate one builds your bundle since it offers a chance for the students to package themselves with relevant resources through package assortment of self-study thus helping the students to save time. On the other hand, it has been found out that students have different ways of studying thus sticking to a single studying approach may be malicious to some students. Therefore, it is vital to implement PHR preparation overview to make each student conform to their style of studying.

Taking exam content areas, it was found out that the content concerning management of managing diversity in an organization which is a problematic concept that involves lifelong learning and application of personal knowledge and applicable ideas. Studying this idea requires the student to spend like four weeks studying behaviors of people in their faculty and reflecting on how they can generate a given favorable corporate culture.

Personal learning style offers the student confidence of having covered various topics concerning the course and helps the student to ensure that all that is in the course outline is familiar to them to provide that any query gets along their area of study.

The HRCP supports personal module of learning since it challenges the student or learner to read assigned materials thoroughly, highlights and underlines the key ideas, offers a chance for the student to attempt answering the questions among others (Lyons, Mueller, Gruys & Meyers, 2012). I have always been applying the HRCP manual style of study since it works best for me especially when I try to work out on the case studies outlined and answering questions.


Kells, J. F., & Miles, S. J. (2015). The changing landscape of human resource management certification: An interview with Dr. Amy Dufrane, Ed. D., SPHR, CAE, CEO, Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI). Business Horizons, 58(3), 257-260.

Lyons, B. D., Mueller, L. M., Gruys, M. L., & Meyers, A. J. (2012). A reexamination of the webbased job demand for PHR and SPHR certifications in the United States. Human Resource Management, 51(5), 769-788.

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