Pregnancy in Workplace - Free Essay in Human Resource Management

Published: 2022-04-11
Pregnancy in Workplace - Free Essay in Human Resource Management
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It has been noted with a lot of concern the growing number of pregnancy within our institution among the recently hired personnel; this has necessitated the need for maternity leaves and a subsequent reorganization of tasks. You are reminded that 57% of the employees in the company are females. We note with a lot of disappointment that it has been a routine that half of the female newly hired personnel usually take maternity leave within three years of hire. This has forced the company to hire new employees and redistribute tasks, a move that proves to be very expensive in all perspective.

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The management has expressed a lot of frustrations with the cost and work associated with accommodating maternity leaves. Last week, three new female employees notified the office of their pregnancy calling for the redistribution of their duty. The redistribution of duty, in turn, requires` the company to hire temporary workers to fill the vacant slots. The management, therefore, wishes to propose that individuals be given a variety of tasks to carry out to improve their interests so that they may not lose focus. According to this, Individuals will be assigned a wider area to manage their work within the terms and conditions set for the job environment. Each employee will hold a mandate of giving feedback to the individual managing his or her departments. Lastly, each employee will be required to take part in deciding issues that touch directly on their areas of work and social life. We also request that individuals support and recognition be encouraged, and working environment is improved. All these changes in job design aim at reducing the number of maternity leaves registered per year. In addition, the management wishes to propose terms and conditions to those who will be pregnant within their first three years in service.

Your office is requested to consider the sensitivity of this docket as far as the success of the company is concerned before hiring an individual to take the position. It can consider hiring elderly individuals or increasing the percentage of male employees, especially in the sensitive areas. We can consider an internal search for candidates before announcing any openings to the public. Any candidate for recruitment should be taken through a thorough evaluation and tests. Interview panels need to establish the procedures if available early enough before the interviews are carried out. The panel should consist of able individuals who can evaluate all the aspects required of an efficient employee. This may prove to be very expensive, so the office is advised to ask the HR to determine the stage at which this tool is appropriate in the hiring process. Any individual given a position must have the interest, and the right attitude to help them succeed in the docket entitled to them.

Establishing proper hiring will help manage the problems posed by rampant pregnancy as well dealing fairly with maternal leaves wherever they arrive. Doing this will improve the company's performance and maximize the output with minimum inputs. Let your office consider every aspect of the concern raised in the document.

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