Free Essay Sample on Power and Leadership

Published: 2018-01-31
Free Essay Sample on Power and Leadership
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Power refers to the ability to have things your way. It is the ability to influence the actions and behaviors of other individuals or groups. Leaders who use power effectively stand higher chances of achieving tasks in their organizations without necessarily depending on their position or title. In the movie Beowulf, the main character, Beowulf use power effectively by relying more on personal power, as opposed to his position in the kingdom or fighting credentials, to mobilize their resources, inspire creativity among his fellow team members, and cultivate confidence and trust among his fellow Geatish and Danish warriors and Hrothgar.

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Moreover, Beowulf use power to influence his fellow warriors to do what he wants done. A powerful leader is judged on the basis of how effectively he or she persuades his or her team members to accept and pursue course of actions that work towards the attainment of desired goals. Despite the fact that the Danes’ army cannot match the threats posed by Grendel, Grendel’s mother and the dragon, Beowulf uses inspires the warriors to fight these enemies. Winning the respect and acceptance of an individual’s ideas results in a sense of incredible commitment among the rest of the warriors. Competence in effective use of power as depicted in Beowulf entails understanding power, having the skills on how to use the sources and bases of power in an effective manner, employing technical competencies proficiently, utilizing information appropriately, establishing and sustaining effective relationships both with followers and those in top positions, and being sensitive to other individuals’ feeling when exercising authority them. Beowulf exemplifies good use of power by being accessible, establishing effective relationships, and listening to every individual irrespective of his or her crime position or offense committed Beowulf listens to his step brother and the heeler despite their childhood differences and being a skin-shifter, respectively.

Also, Beowulf uses power good by empowering others around him. He often acts as a colleague rather than a boss, and employ influence, respect and mutual relationships to pursue actions. Beowulf always seeks to share out their power with friend and team members, to give it away, then hold, those whom they share it accountable. Furthermore, this character fosters participation from every individual, seeks contribution and involve others in decision making processes. Moreover, Beowulf cares about his team members. For example, he take excellent care of his warlords and fellow warriors. Just like Beowulf, an excellent leader relies on deftness, as opposed to flexing his or her muscles.

Because Beowulf uses power in an appropriate manner, the world around him support him in several ways. For instance, Beowulf effectively cultivate higher degree of engagement and commitment to protection and security of Danes. This is because subordinates are more likely to be inspired and motivated and respond positively Beowulf since he does not overuse his authority. Also, his tribesmen and warriors support Beowulf’s good use of power by exhibiting a positive attitude of trust with him. Practices such as sharing power, empowering subordinates, encouraging participation, and respecting others’ views, among others, motivate his followers to trust him and follow his command and request with a lot of ease. Additionally, good use of power allows Beowulf to cultivate acceptance not only among the Danes and Hrothgar, but also among other leaders throughout the Geatsland. Acceptance is a form of support in the sense that Beowulf becomes role model upon which the followers emulate his behavior.

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