Poverty in America Essay Example

Published: 2017-10-20
Poverty in America Essay Example
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Essay on Poverty in America

In synopsis, poverty is the lack of basic needs or basic social amenities. It is the condition whereby people lack the means to meet their basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter. In America, poverty is a focal aspect in the formation of social welfare strategies and projects. The historical backdrop of America is embedded in four key components; economic advancement, political associations, social soundness, and family respectability. These components are the key drivers of development, but poverty has proven to be a hindrance. On the global scene, poverty is seemingly the most long standing reason behind prolonged suffering. The extent of poverty is particularly humorous in a nation like the United States whose immense riches overshadows that of regional blocks. More than one out of each six individuals in the United States lives in or close to poverty, with the rate reported to be higher in children. Indeed, even in the white collar class, there is a likelihood of falling into poverty or in the surroundings.

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Poverty in America is deteriorating every day. With the increasing levels of poverty, one would expect that countermeasures are being effected to bring the levels down, but that is not the case. Some individuals are willing to help poor people; however, nobody knows how to help them. The group of people that is against poverty concur that something should be done. This group, however, lack the knowledge or the approach to help or do something. An essential explanation behind individuals not making a move is a result of the absence of information on poverty. There is no constrained measure of information about poverty. Additionally, Issues about poverty are not prioritized by the media to keep America educated on what the nation is proceeding about poverty.

Causes of Poverty in America

Be that as it may, whereas there is no doubt that poverty exists in America, there is a contentious debate on the levels, the poverty line, and the causes of poverty in America. For a developed nation like America, the poverty line is quite high. These levels, however, are relative compared to other nations in the world especially developing countries. For Americans, working is a necessity. In the recent decade, the government has endeavored to reduce the number of unemployment. The government also dependably continues to increase the provision of basic social amenities such as health care without which many Americans would end up below the poverty line. Even with the delivery of many jobs, the distinction becomes apparent in remuneration, job levels, among other parameters.

On the other hand, there is a gathering that believes that the poor do not bring about poverty. The disappointments of structures, insufficient financial aspects, and social frameworks are the principle reasons that drive countries like America to poverty. As a result, investment by all accounts is a decent approach to help the poor defeat poverty. While the reality of the matter is that absence of proficiency of the state frameworks is the wellspring of poverty, America ought not to send a lot of finances outside. Instead, it should focus on internal investment.

Finally, there will dependably be the poor in life. It is, therefore, imperative to adopt effective approaches help the poor break from poverty. It is also important to comprehend that the poor are not only in need of financial aid but also require skills to defeat destitution. There is a well-known adage that says give a man a fish, and you bolster him for a day. Show a man to fish and you support him for a lifetime.

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