Essay Sample about Post Analysis Difference Between Leadership and Management Roles

Published: 2022-04-19
Essay Sample about Post Analysis Difference Between Leadership and Management Roles
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Leadership and management have different roles in facilitating the achievement of stipulated goals in an institution. Leaders in their leadership role outline specific long-term goals through testing the current resources and skills that the institutions possess that ensure efficiency and functionality of the company. Management role of managers ensures that employee and the staffs at workstation obtain the appropriate environment and condition in performing the outlined task which aligns with the vision and objective of the firm (Algahtani, 2014). Leadership imposes social influence on an individual to lead others effectively and accomplish the set goals. On the other hand, management acts as art priorities the elementary requisites for establishing success which majorly encompasses short-term goals. Besides, leadership roles motivate employees through inspiration by following the outlined strategic plans and vision of the institution that directs the passionate goals of the firm through leadership roles (Bohoris, & Vorria, 2008). Contrarily, management of the firm plays a significant part in the identification and providing solutions to emerging problems that initiates the role of controlling the budgetary allocation of funds and displaying a vision of the institution which regularly reminds employees of success.

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Individual demonstration of leadership and management behavior

An individual that lack management behavior but demonstrate leadership traits depicts their ability to perform the assigned task that stipulates the expectation of the job described (Gupta, & Singh, 2014). Empowering traits of leadership allow subordinates to handle specific problems before referring to leaders. The inspiring and buffering behaviors of individual leaders promote team building and influence others in administrative duties.

An individual that lack leadership traits but have management behaviors exhibit correct decision making a character in manifesting research and propositions in implementing strategies. The character pattern of asserting concerns among subordinate workers influences their behavior in depicting the working environment mood (Klehe, Kleinmann, Niess, & Grazi, 2014). The assertion of exhibiting self-promotion behavior such as exercising power in hiring and firing junior staff depicts manager's dimensions and skills they pose.


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