Article Review Essay Sample: American in the Gilded Age

Published: 2022-07-28
Article Review Essay Sample: American in the Gilded Age
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In regards to the explanation of the author's argument in terms of the thesis, evidence and argument, it is apparent that the author provides a careful content and argument in relation to the transformative period from 1877 to 1920 thereby letting the readers have an evaluation of the primary sources besides testing the historian's interpretation hence drawing own conclusions. As an evidence of what is similarly taking place in the contemporary society, the thesis of the article is in relation to the aspect of capitalism, movement of the labor, the Great War, together with the progressive movement reform in relation to American in the Gilded Age. One thing that is clear is the fact that the author places more effort with themes that remain resonate in the present day. In all aspects possible the article is designed to trigger critical thinking in relation to the historical happenings.

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The evidence, as well as arguments used by the author in the article, undertakes that Gilded Age together with the twentieth first-years presents a period of great social change as well as economic growth in the United States. Spanning all throughout the years, the period between reconstructions together with the new century's dawn, it is imperative to note that there was rapid industrialization, urbanization as well as the construction of the boundless transcontinental railroads. More to that is the rise of big business besides science and technology innovations. It is equally imperative to note that legislation was passed by the progressives purposely for reining big business, fight corruption, besides protecting the consumer's right, immigrants, poor, workers as well as freeing the government from the special interests.

Regarding, the strength and weakness of the argument, it is not right to undertake or ignore that politics was not vital during the Gilded age hence one of the article's weakness. The truth of the matter is that there was more attention paid to the politics together with the national election subsequent to the post-civil period as compared to any other historical moment in that each election had capability of disrupting the fragile balance of peace particularly in relation to the republican and democrat as well as between the South and North. In the late 19th century, for instance, the reality of the matter is that voters turned out in record numbers for every election of the presidential to an extent that voter's turnout reaching 80 percent and above. It is this kind of the election intensity that as well assist in giving an explanation as to why little significant legislation was passed by the Congress subsequent to the era of Reconstruction. The fact remains that House of Representative control was changing hands between the Republicans and the Democrats in that each election, thereby resulting to almost impossible to make a consensus on any key issue. Increased turnout of the voter was partly as a result of the increased machine party politics that blossomed large cities in America during the Age of Gilded. Urban residents were coerced to vote for their favored candidates who in turn were expected to give kickbacks as well as bribes in appreciation, hence the majority of the politicians who were elected at the Gilded Age period were merely products of the machine party politics.

In a somehow strong argument the, author of the article makes it apparent that as a result of being driven by the north emanating from the Industrial powerhouse Civil War, there was a flurry of unprecedented industrialization and growth experienced by the United States during the Gilded Age. Millions of the immigrant were ready to work and the continent was full of unlimited natural resources and this period was referred by some historian as American's second industrial revolution. American society, economy together with politics were entirely changed and the keys to this success were marketing and mechanization. Companies mass produced products thereby convincing people to buy them and as a result, an enormous amount of the wealth was accumulated. Companies that were unable were forced by the brutal competition to move out of the business. It is equally imperative to note that railroads were prerequisite for the fresh industrialized economy.

In conclusion, it is my undertakings that very few parts of the author's argument are strong while other parts are weak in that they do not make apparent nor convince the reader about major problems associated with Gilded Age. It is imperative to note that a number of the historians tends to have dubbed Gilded Age's presidents as president whom history has forgotten". In this regards, the reality of the matter is that a number of the Americans in the contemporary society have problems recalling their names, their contribution to the country's welfare or even the period upon which they served. At the same time, it is worth noting that a number of the historian, on the other hand, undertakes that the same Gilded Age's president ought to be unexciting because of the reason that Americans were after avoiding bold politicians whose impact would be ruining the delicate peace that was built following the Civil war. In demonstrating the progressive era, the author of the article ought to have at least stated that by the twentieth century, there was a shift of the political awareness as a result of the rising of big business as well as the large migration of the Americans to cities from the countryside. The progressive movement was started advocating for the government to have strong and a proactive role in the economy, big business regulation, urban growth as well as immigration.

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Fink, Leon, ed. Major problems in the Gilded Age and the Progressive Era: documents and essays. Houghton Mifflin College Division, 2001.

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