Free Essay Sample: Positive Effects of World War 2 to Canada

Published: 2022-05-19
Free Essay Sample: Positive Effects of World War 2 to Canada
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In September 1939, Canada joined the World War 2 on its own will on the grounds Nazi Germany are a threat to Western civilization. The second world war marked a historic event in Canada, changing a peaceful country's involvement as a critical part of global issues. As a result of this World War 2, Women took up more roles in the society, and their performance was important setting high numbers of exports considering the country's low population. Canada was a respectable nation, set benchmarks of social and religious freedom and equality.It increased in its agricultural production, and overall its exports made Canada attain respect and friendly relations with big countries like Britain and The United States. Canada gained more favorable effects in its involvement in World War 2.

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When Britain and France attacked Germany, King asked the parliament to decide whether they should support Britain and France against the Germans of which it was later approved. They fought in support of the British and Hong Kong forces n defense of the colony against the Japanese forces. In August 1942 more than 5000 Canadian soldiers fought in the Dieppe raid where less than half of them returned alive others were killed or taken as hostages. In 1943 Canada, American and British forces combined efforts and invaded the coast of Sicily and Italy (Stacey, "Second World War").Approximately 93000 Canadian army men from all units were involved in this war with Italy where 5764 died, but it was also a successful mission. In June 1944 Canada forces landed in Normandy as allies in the battle against Cean. They had to fight the British soldiers in der to free the Scheldt Estuary. Canadian army also played a crucial role in Netherlands liberation. In 1945 the Germans surrendered, and Canadian Corps had taken over on the Grebbe river and gave food to the starving Poland citizens. This war caused at least 11336 fatalities (Stacey, "Arms, men and governments").The Canadian navy mains duty was to help in landings, hunting opponent submarines when planning attacks and oversee the both Atlantic and the Mediterranean seas. Their Airforce actively participated British Africa, Italy and the Normandy attacks.

In 1946 during the Paris peace conference, Canada had no say when it came to declaring peace despite their continued participation in the war. Although it signed a treaty with countries like Italy, Finland, and Romania while their armistice with Germany was through royal proclamation.

Canadian and US relations became stronger nearer amid the war. When King was resuming officially, he had the well developed a good connection with Roosevelt. Canada's place in the world is much bigger than it ever was before. Universally, Canada was seen with a different perspective with all other nations, not a small country anymore. It is now ranked alongside nations like the United States and the United Kingdom, but Canada is more humble since now it has a critical influence on world issues that need global discussion.

For one to be a champion there must be a fight, Canada soldier men fought hard and tirelessly from the start till it ended. In 1940, The Canadian Navy started from scratch into almost 95,000 soldiers with about half million men in their army, only a sixth operating in internal operation while all the rest had volunteered for abroad services. The Canadian military showed a sign of patriotism to their country and people, tremendous courage and professionalism by overcoming miserable attacks from other enemy nations and declining to surrender during misfortune (Stacey, "Arms, men and governments").

World War II makes quickly transformed Canada into a powerful industrialized country. The Government also urged its citizens to take agriculture seriously just in case it happens there is a shortage of food in the country. This war was a time of opportunity for Canada industries. Industries that were producing any products that were used in wars were rising at an alarming rate since ships, airplanes iron and steel were high demanded exports. Canada was supplying military products for both its army and its allies. The government targeted at producing more exports due to high demands in the international market (Stacey, "Second World War"). Afterward, Canada and the United States became friends via trading since tons of commodities were streamed to Canada from the U.S, which energized the economic development. During World War II, shipbuilding output per person-hour increased rapidly. By the end of 1943, they had already exported about 750 ships. Canada as a nation relied heavily on exports, so World War II was a critical event in the shaping of Canada's economy.

Before World War II, the industrial sector, had very few women workers, particularly in the substantial business. In need of more labor force and for the production of more goods and services, numerous ventures started to give women chances in their operative duties. Women were finally working in male-dominated areas, from working on the farms, in factories building military supplies, as drivers or even engineers. If it were not for the support of Canadian women, the men would have been subdivided into too many duties, therefore leaving very few men out there to go to war and less production. We appreciate the hard work of the Canadian women their roles portray hard work and prove that if women are given a chance they can make a difference to the world. Women who worked in these days act as mentors for other women to keep pursuing their careers even if they are in male-dominated fields.

As for the status of Canada, it was renowned a middle power when the war ended. Canada proved they had the resources and abilities like any other big power countries. Their economy flourished during the WorldWar 2 due to their continued military exports. Their army was strong and brave fighting and defeating other strong armies. Their women dedicated support in production portrays an example to other nations about appreciating gender equality. Therefore the consequences of this war left Canada at a higher continental rank than it was before.

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