Free Essay - Popular Cultural Representation of the Human Body

Published: 2023-03-15
Free Essay - Popular Cultural Representation of the Human Body
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Culture comprises one of the most challenging concepts in the humanities and social sciences study. The term consists of forms of popular music, published art, and entertainment that include daily livelihood. The most recent studies conceptualize culture as a representation of people's way of life in a given nation, society, or group of people. This paper provides a detailed discussion of the human body representation in terms of sex, class, race, and disposition.

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Stuart looks at the representation of the body in contemporary culture in the context of racial, sex, and ethnicity. The author seeks to complexify the description of the human body in popular culture (Hall, 1997). The author majors on the racial, ethnic, and sexual differences of the human body. The practices that structure the human body making them more meaningful. The different modes of looking at the shape of human beings inscribe representational practice and make them more complex.

Body Sexing

The primary intimately linking gender identity entails how one feels or acts in the body. The concept of disposable people points to the construction of otherness used as an object of pleasure. The woman's private organs, used as objects of entertainment, as evident in Cindy's case of sexual assault. Human sexuality in popular culture depends on the organ that defines a person into either gender. The clown presented during the trial of Cindy's cases acts as the representative of her whole body (Rentschler, 2019). The evidence also shows the concept of racial discrimination by failing to merit mention of the situation and media coverage. The people fail to notice the sexual assault after blinding by the idea of the indelibility of the woman. The woman's body also entails a power imprint believed to influence the trial. The courtroom failed in many instances in acknowledging the concept of the power of a woman's body. The idea of sexuality influences society in judgment. The indigenous women appear more vulnerable to sexual assault as the natives assume their poverty pushes them to prostitution.

Body Classification In Popular Culture

Popular culture represents the body according to its physical appearance. The body falls into the categorization of the healthy body, handicapped, disabled, and crippled. The popular culture constructs humans as freaks based on their body and the socil context of entertainment. The concept of referring to the body as disable entails attaching a meaning of inability to the humans, and the world attaches significance in reaction to the body (Rentschler, 2019). The concept of this meaning attached to the body in popular culture acts as a concept of discrimination in society. The society uses the body attachment of meaning to exploit to unsettle various people and make them live in a hurtful and queer life. The concept of body form representation extends back to the renaissance period, where there existed concepts such as minotaurs, giants, and monsters.

Body Sexualisation Popular Culture

Most of the parents find it challenging to explain the concept of sexuality to their children. The girlhood representation in popular culture depends on the discourse of celebration and crisis. One major crisis witnessed over the years comprises the concept of framing of prematurity and age sexualization. This concept has contributed to the "adultification" of children in different parts of the world and the manufacture of sexualized goods targeting the children (Gill, 2019). The concept of the sexualization of the body raises various issues such as sexual inhibitions and revelation by the media, which contributes to public nudity. The idea has also led to an increase in global sex, which connects with mainstream pornography, military prostitution, and women and child trafficking. The sexualization of culture contributes to the shift of established patterns of popular culture. The culture never permitted women's sexuality and highlighted the feminist struggles that led to the expression of women's desires freely.

Othering The Human Body

The concept of othering the body entails stereotyping that some bodies manifest more masculinity as compared to others. The male athlete's perception of the body constitutes a physically superior body, sexually and resolutely heterosexual. The women talked about sex and the assumption, and the athletes asked the girls if they need to stay on top (Rachael, 2015). The reaction of fellow athletes suggests that visiting on top constitutes a feeling of control in society. This concept clearly illustrates the stereotyping of females as other beings in society. The idea affects the community by the creation of low self-esteem in the community for the female gender and a feeling of unworthiness before the man is considered the superior being.

How The Human Body Is Bothered In Popular Culture

The promoters of feminist pornography and human sexuality attach great value to the human body, especially the female. The women continue stepping out to prove to the world that they are superior and continue helping other women in their quest for freedom (Rentschler, 2019). The concept of feminist pornography brings the issue of a liberal mind and calls for action by other women to embrace diversity and demand for their respect. The idea of female pornography creates an opportunity for alternative discourses of female sexuality. The concept of feminist pornography contributes to commodifying and producing a new formula for human sexuality, which will contribute to the formation of liberal-minded females in society. The idea of cultural representation of the human body remains an intriguing subject of discussion and continues to attract research to establish the definitions.


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