Policy Process Essay Example

Published: 2022-04-26
Policy Process Essay Example
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The existing policy is a faulty education policy the policy has failed by not providing equal opportunities that protect the interests of the students. Licensure requirements for practical courses put more emphasis on medical courses at the expense of macro social work than other courses. The absence of a well-established council on social work education has led to the ministry of higher learning neglecting the students with interests in macro social work courses. Lack of adequately trained expertise in macro social work also frustrates the interests of macro social courses students. The afore-mentioned federal policy issue is the reason why most college students have chosen to concentrate on medical courses thereby neglecting research courses as there is minimal security around such courses. Moreover, with micro courses there exist well-organized bodies of that manage the professionals and guaranteed work placement upon completion of the course.

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This decision to have such a policy in place has significant effects in the long-run both directly indirectly. Directly, overemphasis on micro-courses is likely to flood the respective job market which in the long run translates to unemployment. This policy is also likely to create a situation where trained personnel for various macro social work posts are in shortage. This leads to the employment of semi-qualified individuals.

Economically, the policy deprives the government of all-around adequately trained personnel by creating fear of unemployment among youths hence influencing their choice of course to pursue. Most of the college students always approach College with prejudgments about macro social work courses hence restrict themselves to limited choices.The national social worker's association is guided by a code of ethics which constitute values and responsibilities of workers to various groups. A good policy is one that conforms to these code of ethics. For instance, the social worker's primary goal is to help those in need and ensure that their social problems are met. The second policy is that social workers are required to practice within there are of expertise and act professionally. Social workers are required to recognize the importance of healthy human relationships. In this respective case, the interests of the students are neglected since most of the tutors only pay attention to medical students.

To address this matter, there is need to introduce national council of social education which foresees that concerns of all categories of students are put into consideration. Moreover, it is important to increase mass sensitization on the need for a balanced society by providing numerous opportunities to social workers. Secondly, a national board that registers all qualified social workers should be set up to reduce the incidences of semi-qualified workers finding their way into the labor market. Lastly, there is need to have specialized training institutions to avoid an instance where students with interests in social sciences have to go to health sciences schools and have their decision influenced into what was not their first choice.

Policy practice involves policy development, formulation, execution, and improvement of the policy implemented (Birkland, 2015). Policy practice is a procedural process that takes place at distinct stages. Policy implementation is made successful by the availability of financial resources to execute the programs and projects within the policy frameworks. Social workers are the parties most affected by the various policies put in place hence their attitudes towards the new policies significantly affect the success of the policies. As a social worker, I would like to introduce a concept of policy testing which involves using a pilot to establish the applicability of the policy before actually putting it into execution.


Birkland, T. A. (2015). An introduction to the policy process: Theories, concepts, and models of public policy making. Routledge.

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