Essay Sample on Policies Against Domestic Violence

Published: 2022-06-24
Essay Sample on Policies Against Domestic Violence
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Domestic violence is a plaque that has affected both the United States and a majority of the European nation for the longest time. Different people have different perceptions of what pertains to domestic violence. Domestic violence is a challenge not only faced by women but also by men. It is unfortunate that women are afforded much attention when it comes to violence. Majority of the policies adopted tend to favor or highlight more on the females. This leaves the men with no one to listen to them when their rights are abused. It is possible that as much as the policies are put up by the government, they can as well be sponsored by feministic individuals. Feminism is currently conquering the male dominance to the extent that even the policymakers have to side with them. Nevertheless, the feminists are right in some way. Women have been suffering in their homes since there has been existing no law that protects their rights in marriage (Sardenberg, 2011). However, in the recent past several policies have been adopted to cater for the rights of women in marriage and their homes.

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Violence policy date back to 1994. It reached to such levels that the federal government could no longer withstand the cases of women mistreatment. The government had no option but to enact a violence act particularly the Violence Against Women Act of 1994 popularly known as VAWA. In its early stages, VAWA had its focus on helping the victims of violence as well as arresting and prosecution of the culprits. Over time, VAWA had spread its wing so that it would cover both urban and rural victims regardless of the ethnicity. At first, VAWA was more of problem-oriented than solution provision. To enable provision of services better to the victims, VAWA allocated some funds that would be used to facilitate the well being of the victims. By incorporating aspects of providing a solution to the women, the act was on a successful course towards achieving its goals. The best way of serving justice to affected women is by successfully prosecuting the individuals involved in the malpractice. The act also provides a platform used by the courts of law to prosecute. The guidelines, however, have to correspond to the rules set aside by the federal government. There are sets of punishments for specific groups of lawbreakers.

In the united states, different states have adopted different acts as a way of curbing the ever-rising cases of mishandling women. It is allowed in the US constitution that various states should make their laws as far as they do not conflict with the laws of the federal government. The New York is one of the states that has adopted numerous policies to handle domestic violence. The violence prevention act in New York dated the year 2004 provides a platform of networking particularly to assist victims of violence. The concentration of the act is on the shelter, food and the counseling they may need. Victims of violence are usually mentally disturbed, and in some instances, they may contemplate suicide. Instead of all that, the prevention act ensures that things don't reach to that level. To underline its serious in matters of helping violence victims, New York is among the few states that have created a special class of employees which consist of the marginalized and primarily victims of domestic violence.

The state is also famous for the warrantless arrest. It has adopted laws that allow for the arrest of individuals provided there is substantial evidence of involvement in domestic violence. The laws allow local authorities to arrest individuals without prior notices (The Advocates, 2013). In the past, these prior notices have been helping the culprits escape police arrest. The law on criminal procedures and family offenses as well ensures that the victims are provided with shelter. Additionally, the New York is contemplating creating a position and more so an office for the prevention of domestic violence. The purpose of the office is to advise the authorities majorly the governor of the state on the measures to take to curb the menace. The numerous acts that the state is adopting are a manifestation of the rot in it. The office will also play the role of drafting bills that offer solutions on how to end violence in homes. Massachusetts as well has come a long way in dealing with domestic violence. Chapter 209A of the general code of conduct of Massachusetts stipulates that the confidentiality of the victim has to be maintained. The act also says that the victim has to be compensated by the accused for the damage caused. Ths difference is to show that different states have different policies when it comes to dealing with the vice.

Similar to the US, European nations have taken upon themselves to come up with policies that protect the victims of domestic violence. The policies are aimed at ensuring the victims are served with justice. However, justice with no peace of mind is useless. This is the reason that has triggered a majority of the European nations in the likes of England, Wales and Spain (KRIZSAN & POPA, 2010) to come up with platforms that offer counseling to the affected. The African continent is also following in the footsteps of the European nations and saying no to domestic violence by coming up with reasonable legislation.

Victims of domestic violence are mostly women. It is unfortunate that the governments on a global scale are coming up with policies for dealing with victims instead of finding ways of mitigating the cause of the rot. The best way the globe would bring an end to domestic violence is by providing civic education to the society. The society has to be directly involved in the designing of the said penalties. Prevention measures would do more good than the punishing of the culprits. It is, therefore, necessary that the necessary authorities invest more on policies that will promote peaceful coexistence in the family set up. In as much as laws are important, education policies would pay more dividends regarding stability.


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