Free Essay for Students: Philosophy of Midwifery and Practice

Published: 2022-06-08
Free Essay for Students: Philosophy of Midwifery and Practice
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Midwifery philosophy aims at enhancing the strength of women and importance of women's health and well-being during the period of pregnancy and delivery. Every woman needs to be connected to equitable, ethical and well accessible healthcare to promote health and healing. The choice of midwifery care should be guided by the proper adoption of required care from a professional facility that offers midwifery services. Women are enabled to receive the right to receive proper information concerning the decision about giving birth. The midwifery services should prioritize the health of the mother and the baby (Renfrew et al., 2014). Since the childbearing woman is taken to be the overall decision maker, the midwifery practice should focus on offering the necessary guidance and advice towards the best methods to adopt during the period of care.

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I am a midwife proficient in the program of nursing midwifery. My role requires me to provide support to pregnant women and to help them deliver healthy babies amid at living a healthy life(Sandall, Solta ni, Gates, Shennan & Devane, 2015). As a service provider, I will exercise my expertise in midwifery to ensure that I offer the best practice in giving out the best care concerning midwifery.

My mission is to start a midwifery program with a structured facility. To accomplish my task, I will focus on recruiting qualified workers and service providers who will maintain proper communication with patients in the society. The philosophy behind midwifery outlines that the patient has the right to make all possible decisions (Sandall et al., 2014). Therefore, as a service provider, I will ensure that my mission provides the best practice and will refer to the fact that the woman has the autonomy to choose the decision they wish.

Availability is the factor that my facility. Pregnancy and delivery require responding to urgent issues thus I will aim at enhancing communication to ensure that any call of emergency is dealt with the fundamental importance. Also, my facility will diversify centers to ensure that no patient is left unattended whenever a call of service is wired. My facility is going to look like a home birth. For that matter, it will be offering services before and after delivery.

Since the choice of midwifery care depends on the adoption of required advice from a professional, I will ensure that I employ qualified practitioners in the nursing profession. My facility will also provide that it has a complete and accurate facility required for healthy practice and healthcare decisions. I will also ensure that I exercise women right to access the information necessary for healthy delivery (Renfrew et al., 2014).


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