Essay Example: Read Research Articles

Published: 2023-03-23
Essay Example: Read Research Articles
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While undertaking research, reading and understanding different research articles is an essential part of acquiring information and efficient data. Before getting into analyzing or reading an article or any other piece of literature, it is usually good to develop strategies and ask questions that will provide guidance and essential ways of gathering important information. Reading a piece of literature encompasses analysis which is the art of breaking down articles and addressing each point independently in an attempt to understand the information from the authors. When analyzing a research article, in most cases, the main objective is to ensure that audiences can get the main points without any struggle. The strategies for analyzing a piece of kinds of literature lead to the demonstration of critical thinking and the ability to highlight crucial information that is in line with the topic of study. While analyzing an article, there is a need to make a judgment on specific issues within the story and come up with elaborate conclusions. Some of the questions and strategies that will be used to read research articles for the dissertation critically include:

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  • What are some of the main points in the article or piece of literature under review? In other words, what are the main arguments presented in the article?
  • Is the information presented in the article relevant to the topic under study?
  • What is the significance of the article to the topic under study?
  • How valid is the argument presented in the piece of literature or the study?
  • What is the main objective of the article and how does it present critical information required in the research?
  • What were the findings in the article?

Reference Management or Filing Systems

Scholars use reference management tools to aids in the creation and management of different lists of references for the research projects. In most cases, the tools are designed to reveal exact information contained in the article so as the researcher can make meaningful conclusion and objectives. Most of these tools enable the researchers to identify authentic or reliable sources of information that can be used as references and thereafter apply them in line with the topic that has been selected for review. One of the reference management or filing system is the Mendeley; it aids in the organization of the research. Also, it enhances the collaboration with others on the online platform in an attempt to discover new information or latest research. One of the main advantages of Mendeley is that it integrates the activities of researchers from diverse online platforms aiding in the spread and sharing of information (Kraker, Schlogl, Jack, & Lindstaedt, 2015). Also, with this reference tool, researchers can collaborate online in private or public groups, as well as search for different papers that are relevant to the topical study. Another advantage of Mendeley is that it can enable one to connect with different scholars and interact with the latest research in a given subject area. The disadvantage of Mendeley is that it may not include some versions of research papers. Another important reference management tool that can be applied in research is Google Scholar. The system has various tools and materials that may become beneficial in research studies. It consists of books, research papers, articles, journals, etc. that can be used to research for different forms of information (Kraker, Schlogl, Jack, & Lindstaedt, 2015). The advantage of Google scholar is that it contains varied sources of information that can be applied interchangeably. Books and other materials also consist of detailed information that may enhance research studies. The disadvantage of the source is that it may not contain all the research sources required for a specific study.

Based on the analysis of the above systems, Google scholar will be the best fit as it tends to have varied sources of information that are relevant or vital for the research papers. Also, the source provides elaborate data sources that can be easily retrieved. Before, embarking on the research, it is necessary to consider the best ways of retrieving information or data. The above source may, therefore, become ideal both for searching and presenting the information.

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