Personal Statement for Choosing Nursing as a Profession, Essay Sample

Published: 2022-04-08
Personal Statement for Choosing Nursing as a Profession, Essay Sample
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Since my childhood, I envisioned a profession which would grant me an opportunity to impact the lives of the suffering directly. In many instances, I would collect animals that were deformed such as birds with broken wings, cage them for a while till they regained their ability to fly. I consider this as the modest expression of my inclination towards nursing as a profession. I believe that the best form of service that any person can offer to humanity, in general, is preserving their lives. Based on this childhood and conception, I developed a closer attraction to nursing since it would guarantee not only my holistic growth but also a chance to interact with the afflicted directly. I consider that through the direct contact with the sick, their families and fellow nurses in a demanding caregiving environment, I would attain the best reconnection with humanity and progressively seek better solutions to their health challenges.

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Nursing is one of the noble professions that requires extraordinary social skills as well as values for successful career development. As a nurse, one reserves the role of not only restoring the reduced regard for life among patients but also making those in the dying process maintain stability and freedom from suffering. Nursing profession offers me a chance to keep job dedication through making me realise and diligently discharge my critical role in reorienting the patient's contemplation of death towards the value of their life. Again, I believe that the nursing profession would enable my social growth since it involves a continuum of interactions with different people of different social persuasions. As a nurse, one has the responsibility to be sensitive to the patient and his or her family's social stances to avoid backslash in care delivery. Such experiences are likely to impact my cultural competency and resilience positively. As a nurse, the strict work ethic obtained through training and continued interactions with the fraternity would have a significant potential in transforming my life in general hence which most occupations cannot provide. Furthermore, the profession is very sensitive to even the minor mistakes such as poor record keeping thus helps build some of the most crucial sense of professionalism such as teamwork, consultation, consistent-open communication and integrity.

Whereas other professions only involve dealing with humans who are to a more considerable extent stable in their health, I conceive nursing as an area that provides insights into the very core of human life since it involves dealing with people from unique social and economic backgrounds yet facing the fear of death as a result of illness. Therefore, while other professions orient professionals towards material benefits such as better compensation, nursing are all about what an individual can do to ensure that every person gets the best care without undue biased. Since nursing profession is more of what a caregiver can do to save lives of the sick while balancing personal values and that of the patient, I believe that it offers the best chances for career growth and development.

The nursing profession may be easily dismissed as one which requires a lot of commitment that may result in burnouts from various activities such as managing patients waiting for surgery, organise pre-operative care, and ensuring that patients are ready for theatre. However, I see the profession as one of the most dynamic which implies that anyone therein will enjoy integrating new approaches into care. For instance, the evidenced-based model in care delivery and technology inclusion in nursing care all point to the fact that it is a growing occupation that guarantees not only job security but also career development. Also, nursing offers various areas of specialisations such as certified registered nurse anaesthetist and nurse educator.

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