Personal Reflections on the Educational Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic - Free Paper

Published: 2023-12-10
Personal Reflections on the Educational Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic - Free Paper
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I first heard of coronavirus from my friends who were discussing its origin in China and how it had killed many people. I did not think that it was a severe issue and that it was far from China. I counted ourselves lucky. In a few months, the virus spread quickly and reached distant countries, spreading fast in nations globally. In school, our lecturers made us aware of the virus, how it is transmitted, and measures to take. The fact that it spread quickly from person to person, we were discouraged from being in public places where there was congestion. Governments were now required to take action to control the spread of the virus, like restricting meetings in public areas to reduce physical contact among people. Educational institutions were at risk of being closed, and even the country was locked down. These measures came with several impacts.

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My school is congested with many students in one class. Continuation of studies during the pandemic could lead to the spread of the disease amongst us and the death of many. On the morning before our end-of-semester examinations, the president declared that all learning institutions were to be temporarily closed to control the spread of COVID-19. By closing schools, physical contact is reduced, and lives are saved. The pandemic has marked a turning point for the education sector in the country and more so for us students. The lockdown of learning institutions has led to the interruption of my studies at school. There have been disruptions and cancellations of our assessments; hence will be forced to repeat an academic year.

The school has begun online learning, which has become problematic to me with time. It contains a lot of trial and error, and sometimes I am unable to access internet services due to insufficient funds. Accessing learning materials has been a significant problem. It is a challenge to access research materials that I need to study. It has become difficult for me to do my assignments since I cannot consult my tutors either. My parents find it a struggle to facilitate my learning at home. Distractions also pose a challenge when it comes to concentrating when I am studying at home. Staying at home has led to conflicts between my siblings and me, leading to strained relationships between us.

The closure of schools has also affected my social life. Going to school is essential because it enables me to raise my social skills and social awareness. I can increase my abilities by going to school. Learning and engaging in co-curricular activities at school help keep my mind active. Socializing with my friends at school makes me happy since we get to share new ideas and experiences.

Nevertheless, communicating with them through the Internet reduces my tension since I am sure that they are safe. In the course of this pandemic period, most students are idle and end up engaging in social crimes, drug abuse, and sexual evils. However, at home, I have decided to improve my talents and abilities. I have been improving my skills through tutorials by making crochet clothes that have kept me busy. I have also improved my cooking skills by trying new recipes.

The closure of learning institutions has affected my family mostly. Coronavirus has led to a halt of jobs for many. My mother, who is a high school teacher, has been left jobless hence finding it difficult to cater to my siblings and me. At this moment when we are all at home, we encounter problems like food insecurity, compromised nutrition, and high economic costs.

With the little money that she has, we get to eat two meals a day, which are nutritionally deficient. She has to pay bills too for us not to go homeless. Life has become unbearable, but we have no option other than adjusting ourselves and learning to live with the virus.

Additionally, I am afraid that I may not be able to continue with the school immediately when they resume. Many parents, who have lost their jobs during this time, are struggling to provide for their families by all means with the little they have. By the time schools resume, the high chances are that our parents will not be able to raise the fee for us. My parent will have been pushed to severe poverty, and it is less likely for me to complete my education. Besides that, I fear losing my scholarship since the board may decide to make a new selection after the pandemic, and I might not be lucky.


In conclusion, the coronavirus pandemic has caused a crisis in the education sector. It has affected everybody in different ways, especially the most vulnerable. The closure of schools has involved me personally in the social, psychological, and educational aspects. I live with fear wondering how the future might turn out to be. However, I have decided to look at things differently and be positive. I have learned to manage myself with limited resources and appreciate the time I have with my family. We live with the hope that the rate of infection will decrease soon so that things can go back to normal.

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