Free Essay. The Birth of a Child

Published: 2023-04-23
Free Essay. The Birth of a Child
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Tina Brown states in Collins (2017), "Having a baby is like falling in love again, both with your husband and your child." Giving birth to life is the happiest thing in the life of a woman, especially when the child is born healthy. We need to do this as a couple, in case both the mother and the father-to-be are present for the process to be complete. Giving birth is so exciting to some people, and others get goosebumps either by watching it firsthand or from a movie or even from a narration. According to Blumenfeld (2019), the process of giving birth is referred to as labor and different people deliver differently. Some undergo the natural way, while some undergo a Caesarean section in case the process endangers the life of either the mother or the child through vaginal delivery.

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I received a call from an unknown number, and what followed almost made my heart stop, it was from the hospital, and yes, my sister was having a baby. Within thirty minutes, I was in the hospital, and I was lucky to see it all first hand. Although the process is unique for almost every mother, there are three stages involved. Regarding Montgomery and Jennifer et al. (2016), the initial step is the onset of labor until the cervix dilates to about ten centimeters initiating the second, which proceed until the child is born. The last and the shortest is the placenta delivery, which lasts less than thirty minutes. The most critical part of the entire process is when the mother has someone close to them, someone, to offer them support. This could be the father or anyone close to them. This reduces the possibility of complications during childbirth. For my sister, I was there for her, all the way until the screaming, and the pushing turned out to a smile and some kisses to a bouncing baby boy.

To be the best support for a woman giving birth, one needs to be prepared, I studied way too much into the process and stages of giving birth, and interacted with my sister's doctor well ahead of time to understand the birth plan and how to embrace the unexpected in case of any. My prior interactions with my sister gave me an upper hand to be her advocate, and this would come in handy when decisions are to be made while she is helpless. I was determined to ensure her wishes came true when that time comes. Encouraging her is the hardest, but the most fulfilling moment to look back to. I must confess, that my levels of patience have greatly improved and through such intense and intimidating encounters, with someone you truly love, that's when we connect, not only to our partners, in case of a couple, or friends and family but also with the newborn. Always learn, encourage, and support mothers during this tense-filled moment of their life, and it could make all the difference in life.

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