Paper Example: Personal Craziness Index (PCI)

Published: 2023-04-20
Paper Example: Personal Craziness Index (PCI)
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The most common issue that threatens individual recovery is the inability to recognize the time and period they are experiencing energy deficit or being overwhelmed. Most of the co-dependents and love addicts tend to pay too much of their attention and drain their internal resources until they remain empty and more desperate, and if the drainage is more extreme, the addict goes insane(Walling,2017). The purpose of the paper is to create a personal craziness index by focusing on individual behavior that indicates signs of danger.

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Part One: Self-Care Change

Physical Health

Personal physical health is the start point for recovery measures. Body wellness helps help a person to avoid suffering from relapse, especially if an individual under-recovery measure is a drug addict. Lack of body physical exercise leads to health-related conditions such as obesity as a result of the accumulation of calories in the body. Some of the signs that indicate you are not taking good care of the body are; feeling sleepy every time, getting annoyed or super stressed out, and having dry skin.

Experiencing regular sleep and struggling to get rest is a sign that is assign of physical unhealthy as a result of body cell worn-out and lack of body cell coordination, especially the flow of blood within the blood vessel. Disease disorder is highly linked to blood pressure and body weight gain.

Super stressed out. Regular exercise enables blood to flow to allow fresh air in brain cells, which improves cognitive development that helps a person not to get easily annoyed or stressed up. Similarly, regular exercise opens skin air space to avoid the accumulation of fat within the skin cells.


When a person engages in activities that interest him, or her is vital for personal self-care programs. Music, football, gardening, and cycling are some of the events that interest me positively. On the other hand, when I am overextended, I usually neglect landscaping and listening to music based on the schedule of professional work.

Social life

Socialization is a crucial element to enable someone to remains active and engage in the most meaningful and constructive activity that leads to recovery. Isolation is the cause of the resurgence of unexpected behavior. Personally, when I am isolated, I usually experience low self-esteem, loneliness, and social anxiety that makes me engage in some activities such as gambling and alcohol drinking that I try to recover.


A conducive environment is usually maintained by carrying out daily routines such as feeding livestock, cleaning the compound, and doing your laundry. The duties make an individual lack personal space. I neglect home by failing to water the vegetable garden, not supervising casual workers, and sometimes not cleaning the compound by collecting leaves and thrushes in the compound.


Having a good family relationship improves social attachment and motivation to continue pushing on when facing challenges. When disconnected from family, especially after a disagreement, I usually keep silent, anxious, and restless which prevents me from engaging in meaningful activities.


Finance is attached to individual emotions and thus determines how the person behaves when he has enough capital or not. When I am financially overextended, I usually experience restlessness, insecurity, borrowing, and living more on cash.


People always move from one place to another to attend to various activities. In the process, a person changes his or her transportation behavior based on experience faced on his or her way. Personally, the signs that indicate that my life is getting out of control include making an impromptu visit, forgetting my planned meetings, and visiting a place without having apparent reason or activity.

Spiritual Life and Personal Reflection

Spiritual life is the food for the individual soul, and that enables a person to reflect the values of life. When I am overextended, I usually forget some of the routine activities such as preparing of work diary, watching my favorite episode, and preparing of my daily meal.


The work environment and situational crisis have a significant impact on personal recovery and induce unexpected behavior. When the situation at the workplace is unmanageable, I usually prefer speaking to my mother to keep me motivated, sending a love message to my girlfriend, and drinking water to prevent anxiety and aggressiveness.

Other Addictions

Compulsive behavior has significant impacts on revoking behavior under control. Some of the harmful addictions that I experience when I am on edge are whistling, biting fingernails, and forgetfulness.

Part Two: Preparation and Self-Care Change

Managing the personal craziness index depends on how an individual schedule and follow the outline carefully and effectively. Making priorities based on the relevance of the activity and the resultant effects of an event is essential for recovery from addictions. My seven interpretive signs of personal craziness are; two physical activities (5 am-6 am, and 4 pm-5 pm), preparing activities for next day before sleeping, morning devotion at 3 am, watching daily news, talk to family members either via call or paying, cycling, and cleaning.

Two physical activities (5 am-6 am, and 4 pm-5 pm)

Body physical activities are critical for personal health by maintaining body fitness. Exercise reduces the chances of contracting diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and health-related disorders such as obesity which is encouraged in modern society at a high rate. Body wellness helps help a person to avoid suffering from relapse, especially if an individual under-recovery measure is a drug addict. Lack of body physical exercise leads to health-related conditions such as obesity as a result of the accumulation of calories in the body. By doing so, it improves self-care and recovery from various forms of addiction and control of negative behavior through the use of personal craziness index schedule.

Prepare activities for the next day before sleeping,

Preparation of daily activities before retiring enables me to have good sleep and wake up with stress. Preparation provides me the opportunity to stay composed and relaxed to prevent frustration and anxiety that key factors affecting my personal recovery program.

Morning Devotion at 3 am

Starting daily activities by dedicating to the lord always makes me feel inspired and satisfy spiritual needs. Therefore, including morning devotion on the list of personal craziness index helps me significantly, and it is the time to reflect my personal life experience.

Watching Daily News and Movie Episodes

Television watching enables me to refresh my mind and be entertained. By doing so allows me to enter a fantasy world that clears all the negative experiences went through during the day and thus minimizes the chances of getting anxiety before sleep.

Talk to Family Members either via Call or Paying Visit

Family is the central element of my craziness index. Making it a priority enables me to receive social attachment. Life always has meaning when developing a healthy relationship, especially when the under-recovery program.


Cycling is my favorite activity that I enjoy doing, and it also acts as a form of physical activity. It also enables me to concentrate and refresh my memory and leads to physical fitness and psychological health.


Both the environment and body cleanliness promotes the comfort and psychological well-being of an individual. Unclean body and clothing cause body irritation that leads to body stress and frustrations that are significant causes of personal craziness.


Walling, B. M. (2017). Examining the Relationship Between the Timing of a Perceived Self-efficacy Questionnaire, Duration of Training, and Levels of Self-efficacy and Demonstrated Skills in Smith's Patient-Centered Interview. Michigan State University. Communication.
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