Personal and Professional Goals - Application Essay Example

Published: 2022-04-05
Personal and Professional Goals - Application Essay Example
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One of the primary goals I pursue in life is to become more productive in society. I feel motivated to work regardless of the job description because it helps to improve society in some way. That is to say, I am always willing to work even in a position that does not require specialized skills so long such job keeps me productive. To this extent, it is my aspiration that acquiring skills and knowledge about mechanical engineering would endow me with the necessary tools to contribute more to society in my youthful years.

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Working as a mechanical engineer would also help me earn an income. Money helps to carry out virtually everything that pertains to sound living as a human being. However, what is more pertinent in this context is the ability to access money on my own effort. In other words, it is my expectation that working as a mechanical engineer would be a gateway to financial freedom. The idea of financial freedom through hard work was instilled in me by my father. He insisted that only can one appreciate the value of money when they work for it. Given this, it is my conviction that working as a mechanical engineer in the next decade will give me the financial independence that I desire.

Polishing my communication skills is also critical in so far as my personal goals are concerned. In my lower levels of study, some of my teachers pointed out that I needed to improve my human relations skills if intended to have better working relationships with team members in my future employment. I hope that engaging with other students in academic discussions and working in teams of engineers will enable me improve this weak aspect of my personality.

Furthermore, I aspire to occupy a leadership position as a manager in one of the blue-chip engineering companies in the country. My expectation is that a ten-year period would equip me with management skills necessary to discharge critical responsibilities of an organization. While in such leadership position, I would seek to inspire upcoming leaders as well as strive to be identified as one of the most performing managers in that particular organization.

In this modern era of technological explosion, the environment in which businesses operate changes very fast. This means that the skills and knowledge I seek to acquire at your institution are likely to become less relevant as technology advances. Owing to this, I will upgrade my skills on a continuous basis by reading publications of professional bodies related to mechanical engineering. I intend to augment my skills by extending my academic qualification to Master's level. I expect that these skills would not only make me more competent in handling my future job but also equip me with the requisite skills of managing people as a leader.

It is my sincere hope that your selection team will consider my application. Hope to hear from you soon.

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