Free Essay Sample on Patient Education

Published: 2019-05-16
Free Essay Sample on Patient Education
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X-ray exposure is considered to be very dangerous to human life and therefore, it should be keenly monitored. Patients recommended for x-rays should be exposed to safe amount of it that cannot result to massive damage of body tissues. X-ray has been known to treat some of the diseases such as cancer. This paper will analyse the data that was collected on how frequent patients are exposed to X-ray radiations. This data was collected through questionnaires in which people were expected to give their answer as individual by filling in the questionnaires. It was carried on 30 people.

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The research was carried on 13 males and 17 females of different ages. Those in between the ages of 18-30 were 13 people in total, between the ages of 31-43 were 10, between the ages of 44-56 were 4, and finally those with 56 years and above were 3. According to the results from the case study, most of people have either undergone through the X-ray once or not at all. The research showed that 15 people out of the 30 have undergone through X-ray once. 12 people out of 30 have not undergone through X-ray at all.

According to the case study, most people were moderately satisfied with the services they receive while undergoing the process. Few people were poorly served and also excellently served. The research showed that 1 person out of the 30 studied receive poor services by the personnel serving them and another 1 person out of the 30 received excellent treatment from the X-ray personnel. Most of people were in the middle level; 16 out of 30 were served at the moderate level. The research showed that the services given during the process still need improvement.

Going through x-ray is dangerous and people are only forced because there is no other way to help the situation. Most of doctors do not prepare their patients psychologically before undergoing the process. According to the research, 100% of patients undergoing the process are not informed before the process by their doctors. 30 out 30 from the case study answered negative to doctor preparation earlier.

Most of people who have undergone the process are confident to go through the same process again because of the good services they received from the past experience. 17 people out of 30 are feel confident with the main reason that they received good services. 12 people out of 30 did not feel confident because they are not sure of the experience. Only 1 person from the case study did not feel confident because of the poor service from the past experience. X-ray process is crucial and therefore, the personnel involved should be more courteous to provide the best service to their patients.

Patients like to be informed in advance about what they are expected to do before undergoing the procedure (Abrahamsson, H., Antov, S., & Bosaeus, I, 1988). From the research, most people expect the doctors to prepare them psychologically in order to gain confidence through the procedure. Most people do not worry about the procedural guidelines but instead they care about their confidence level. 20 out of 30 said that they would like to be informed in advance because this will help them feel comfortable, while 6 out of 30 answered that this will give them an opportunity to know what they are expected of.

People have different personalities and therefore, they will prefer different ways of communication depending on the one that favours their personalities. The research showed that most people like to be given the expectation in the X-ray room in video form in which they can see practically what they are expected to do. Very few preferred writing means and face to face guidance from the staff. 2 out of 30 preferred visual materials such as charts and pictures. Most people preferred at least there should be visual materials because it will direct patients on what they are expected to do. One can be able to interpret the picture on him/herself and do the expected. 25 out of 30 preferred to have visual materials in the hospitals.

The research showed that most people do not know the personnel carrying out the procedure. According to the research, 23 people out of 30 are not aware of who carries out the X-Ray procedure; whether doctor, nurse or radiographer. This shows that the public are not aware of whom they entrust with their lives. Therefore, it is important to increase the public awareness or even inform the patient of what they are undergoing through before the actual procedure. Most of people preferred to be informed of what they are expected to do during the process. 12 out of 30 preferred education tools to be introduced in the system. Most of them gave reason that, this will help them gain confidence through the process. 17 out of 30 also preferred the integration of education tools in the X-ray department with the reason that it will inform them in advance in what they are expected to do throughout the process. The research showed that the females are more sensitive to what affects their lives than males. 57% of females responded effectively to the questions while the males who were 43%.

In conclusion, doctors and healthcare personnel should be more courteous through X-ray process. This paper has analysed the public opinion on the X-ray process. From the research, the healthcare services especially the X-ray department still require improvements. Patients preferred to be informed of what they are expected to do during the process. This will help them gain confidence through the procedure.

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