Essay Example on Personal and Career Plan

Published: 2022-11-04
Essay Example on Personal and Career Plan
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Individually, we all aspire to be great people in society. We dream of working in particular areas where we feel we will have a great impact either on the society or to our personal satisfaction. It is an inherent thing born in us that we want to aspire to do a particular job either because it is something that you levitate towards, or because you admired someone before you who held that position. The most common go-to careers were a doctor, teacher, pilot, lawyer, and policeman. Indeed, at some point in my life, I wanted to do either one of these particular jobs. I am a dreamer, and the career dream hit me when I was very young. I have always been interested to know what I would want to do when I grew up and whether I would like it. It was not until I saw my uncle, a career sports agent, roll into our compound with a Bentley that I decided that was the life I wanted for myself. The purpose of this paper is to create a personal and career plan.

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Well, what drove me towards wanting to be a sports agent might be selfish considering that the level of success and financial ability that I saw in my uncle is what drove me there. However, upon individual assessment, it became clear that it is possible to affect society even as a successful sports agent. A sports agent is the legal representative for professional sportsmen and women. The sports agents are also involved in negotiating contracts and employment fees for the athletes they represent. Being the legal representative, it is imperative that sports agents start as lawyers to be well adept with particular laws affecting their clients. However, it is not a must for one to practice law to be a sports agent.

It is important to conduct a self-assessment to identify whether the career I am interested in aligns with my individual interests, values, roles, skills, preferred environment, and developmental needs. Looking at the interests, I am a huge sports fan who loves playing a variety of sports albeit for leisure as well as watching these sports. I would actually state that sports fall under my hobbies. Taking my hobby and making a career out of it is not only interesting but I believe it is bound to be a success. I value freedom, time with family, financial stability and excitement. These I believe as a sports agent, I will able to achieve. I believe I have the skills of persuasion as well as social skills that are necessary for the job. Indeed, I was voted one of the popular individuals at school based on my social skills and good relations.

Furthermore, the job requires one to play different roles as indicated in the skills set. One needs to persuade, negotiate as well as defend the client. I have participated in the debate team at the school and have honed these skills really well. Indeed, my teacher once told me that I could make a good lawyer when I grow up which I believe is important for the job. The environment of sports is one that works well with me and is one of the driving factors. I believe that I will be able to develop my skills, education, and mindset in accordance with the requirements of the job at hand.

As stated, I am interested in sports agency because I believe I will grow in this field considering it brings together some of my interests and passions. Indeed, the labor market is one that is getting more difficult to enter. In this field particularly, it might not be easy to get an internship or a partnership since the job is not common and is not found everywhere. Indeed, sports agents can conduct their businesses from anywhere as they cannot be permanently located due to the changing locations of sportsmen especially during the trading season. I am, however, lucky to have a relative who is successful and after discussing with him my career options, he was ready and willing to shadow me all the way.

It is important to evaluate what else is possible from the assessment results. Indeed, I have stated that I am a social person who has the skills of persuasion and negotiation which means I could as well do well in the sales department. Furthermore, considering what my teacher said about me, I also objectively see myself pursuing law since I am also good at that field and is one of the major requirements that can make a successful sports agent. It is also possible to engage in customer service relations or in a hospitality field that requires good social skills. Indeed, after careful assessment, it is clear that based on my skills, I am able to do well in a number of fields such as law, sales in an organization, customer relations, or in a hospitality setup such as hotels or restaurants.

Together with that, I have undertaken upon myself to plan on how I will be able to achieve these results. Indeed, I am focusing on maintaining good grades that are able to have me enter into a good university where I can pursue law. Pursuant to that, I am also involved in sports and have met with several university recruiters who have advised me on how I am able to enter these colleges through scholarships. Indeed, I have improved my studies and results and are on my way to university based on the results. I have also done some holiday internship with my uncle who has also become my mentor on this journey. During this period, I have realized that I do enjoy the sports agency and it gave me more drive towards achieving this dream.

I have a resume that I am working on every day, adding value to it so that I can be successful in the future. Indeed, it is a big step considering that I am doing all these while I am in high school, but I believe that achieving the best can only be realized through early planning. I am lucky that having someone on the job has ensured that I will get an internship even after high school and all through college. However, if for some reason that does not pan out, I have made some contingency arrangements and have already sent letters out to other agencies. I also want to have experience from various agencies which will be important for my resume. I believe that the career plans I have set for myself will succeed and cannot wait for the future to see my dream being realized.

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