Persepolis/Hamlet: Enhancing Learning in Canadian Classrooms - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-09-12
Persepolis/Hamlet: Enhancing Learning in Canadian Classrooms - Essay Sample
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Despite the language differences between the Marjane Satrapi and Shakespeare in their writings for Persepolis, the graphical novel, and Hamlet, respectively, both can be used for learning in Canadian classrooms. It is more feasible because, although Hamlet's choice of language is difficult to understand, learners can often use comical techniques to know what they mean, and hence enhance their levels of intellectual quotient and communication abilities. Similarly, the graphical novel is more applicable in a Canadian classroom, because it easily fits in the modernist world, where technology has created a series of visual models, typically in the field of communication. All these taken together will depict a possibility of Canadian learner to understand not only the basics and knowledge within a classroom but also external factors that they encounter most often, while off from school.

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To begin with the Graphic novel of Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, it is imperative that the visual appearances of comic readings of graphic novels may enable a student to create a coherent connection for various concepts in reality effectively. In a nutshell, comics can be used to help students develop a point of view, understand body language, the associated sound effects, and where or when to use them in communication. Because the postmodernist era has led to the creation of various social media sites such as Facebook, and Instagram that is used for both official and unofficial activities, it is essential for learners to grab these concepts, to help them adapt the analogy of the era, as they move out of the classroom (Ranker). Therefore, using Persepolis in the Canadian classroom would mean that students will advance their textual and visual literacies. It will also allow learners to perfectly integrate words and images using specific decoding technologies involved in the postmodernist era (Ranker). Moreover, the play allows the learner to predetermine the most outrageous challenges in life, such as harassments, and discrimination, so that they develop advanced strategies to address them in prior.

However, students could benefit highly from the use of comical novels such as Persepolis, only if the knowledge of graphics is provided alongside (Yildirim). This proves that Shakespeare's Hamlet is alive and well in the postmodernist world; thus, learners need to grasp the ideas and concepts in the classroom, to fit in the outward environment more straightforwardly equally. Using the novel grants learners with an opportunity to develop skills of understanding the problematic speeches and worlds in the play (Yildirim). For instance, the use of visual models in the novel portrays the themes of jealousy and betrayal. Mental health challenges are also exposed in the play. Learners can, therefore, apply these visuals, which are perhaps shown through the physical actions by Hamlet in the play, to understand the nature of mind, and the postmodern related mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression and suicidal behaviors, or thoughts. Most importantly, making students interpret the problematic language in Hamlet's play, stretches their critical literal abilities, to think, and create ideas of themselves. In the postmodernist era, innovation and invention are the critical prosperous areas that professionals receive their worldwide identification from, using an improved technological architecture that more or less connects every aspect of current issues (Yildirim).


In summary, applying Persepolis concepts in a Canadian classroom, improves a learner's technical skills of communication, while Shakespeare's Hamlet is useful because students can advance in their critical thinking potentials. All these two elements are vital to motivate and steer the innovation and invention strategies of the postmodernist era. I, therefore, tend to agree that the two readings are applicable in a Canadian classroom.

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