Paper Example on Survey on What Makes a Good Professor Using Purposive Sampling

Published: 2023-01-04
Paper Example on Survey on What Makes a Good Professor Using Purposive Sampling
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Sampling applied in collection of data for the survey to determine what makes a good professor will be made up of students is purposive. The criteria employed is such that the sample will have a representation of gender, class as well as student leadership. Ten students will respond to ten questions of the survey by filling the survey form. The sample have gender balance, i.e., the study will be made up of five boys and five girls from different classes. Every participant will be required to fill the interview questions all alone without seeking answers from the colleges. The approach is essential in reducing the chances of bias of the data collected from the participants.

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Summary of the Questions

The questions of the survey have been designed such that they will collect the required data, which after analysis, it will be in the position of providing insights on how to tell what makes a good and a lousy teacher. The first question of the survey will be targeting to get information on the opinions of students qualities that makes a bad or good teacher. The question tries to get the general perception by the students towards their teachers.

The second question of the survey makes a request the respondent to provide the reason behind why some teachers will make one understand what they are teaching than others. More importantly, the question collects information on why teachers will strive to offer better teaching experiences than others. In the third question, the researcher wants to get the reaction of students to different levels of audibility as well as sound projection. In this way, the researcher will be in the position of getting to know the preference of the level of sound projection and audibility for the different teachers. This is a quality that can be one of the reasons that students can use in rating teachers being bad or good. The fourth question of the survey tries to investigate the personal relations between the teacher and student that enhances learning or limits it.

Other questions of the survey include questions that assess care that teachers give to their students, the attitudes created, and reasons for students being bored during lessons, as well as the reaction of students to the punishment given by the teachers. The questions also assess the implication of the use of questions as a way of learning and its effects on the student-teacher relationship.

Contributions of the survey

The survey results will be important is understanding the problems that students and teachers face in their interactions that affect their performance. The survey results can help in having a clear understanding of the expectations that students have on the teachers and how to overcome a related challenge in order to chances of tampering with effective learning. The realizations are also useful as they can be applied in the training of teachers to offer quality services to the students as well as improving the student-teacher relationship that is a benefit to both.

Limitations of the Survey

The limitations of the study is on the fact that a small number of students have been included in the survey. There is also a high possibility of bias in the process of collection of data and there is no close monitoring of how questions are being answered. If this happens, the data to be analyses will also be biased, hence arriving at the inappropriate conclusions.

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