Paper Example - Opening a New Business

Published: 2023-08-11
Paper Example - Opening a New Business
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Krispy Crème is an American doughnut firm, and the company has been selling delicious doughnuts and coffee for several years now. As the district manager, I am tasked with the responsibility of playing a significant role in the company’s growth and development. The job position has complete autonomy, authority, and responsibility to manage the staff, and effectively operate five of the firm’s new locations. My primary duties as a district manager will be hiring, training, disciplining store managers, creating and managing budgets, and reporting to the firm’s senior management, among other key responsibilities. The primary job design that will be applied is rotation, and the simple structure organizational design will be used in the firm.

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Job Design

The primary job design that will be applied in the new locations of the organization is job rotation. Employees will be shifted from one job to another without changing any factors so that they perform a variety of jobs of the same nature. It is critical for employees to remain motivated and satisfied so that the new locations run successfully. Thus, job rotation will eliminate monotony and boredom, making employees be more competent in multiple jobs instead of just one (Daniels et al., 2017). For instance, those in the kitchen can be rotated between cooking coffee and doughnuts. Similarly, cashier and barista jobs can be interchanged from time to time to eliminate monotony and increase employee satisfaction. Inter-department co-operation will also be improved by the rotation due to period of job-changing.

Job Analysis

The primary purpose of conducting job analysis as the five locations open is to collect and record all data like the skills and knowledge that are required for employees to work in a coffee and doughnuts restaurant (Daniels et al., 2018). It will also be critical to define the various job positions’ roles and responsibilities, as well as the required education and experience levels. For instance, the chief cook must meet the education and experience skills to perform the job. All the job positions will be analyzed, and several factors must be considered. First, it will be determined if the chefs, cashiers, baristas, financial managers, and other managers in charge of the five new locations are worth for their particular tasks.

Conducting a job analysis before opening the new locations will be critical for various reasons. First, the process will play a significant role in the recruitment of employees and their selection, in job designing, and in determining their compensation once they start working (Daniels et al., 2017). A job analysis will also be used in the training and development of employees and determining the types of tools, techniques, and equipment that are needed for the exercise.

Job Description

A job description will be essential before and after hiring to summarize all the responsibilities and roles of employees in the new restaurant locations. Aside from employee responsibilities, qualifications, and skills will also be included. For instance, the baristas, chefs, cashiers, financial managers, and other employees will be provided with a document that highlights all their responsibilities depending on the nature of their work. People who meet the qualifications will be required to apply for the various positions and will be assessed further during the interview. The job description will also include the firm’s mission, vision, organizational culture, and salary range, among other important company details that people may want to know before they apply for the positions (Daniels et al., 2018). The job descriptions will be detailed and precise such that it will provide all the necessary information for candidates to determine if they qualify for the various jobs or not.

Job Specification

The job specification will be a written statement describing the educational qualifications required for the various job positions at the firm, physical requirements, level of experience, and communication skills, among others (Daniels et al., 2017). For instance, to qualify as a chef in the restaurant, one must have a minimum of two years’ experience. Similarly, baristas, waiters, and cashiers must have excellent communication skills since they will be directly involved with the customers.

Organizational Design

The simple design structure was chosen for the new locations to enable the owner to have total control of the business and all the operations in the company (Král & Králová, 2016). Thus, all the decisions must be approved by the owner, and they have to be aware of all crucial decisions that are made by the lower levels of management before any approval is done (Burton et al., 2019). Secondly, all employees in the five new locations will not be hesitant after they start working since their orders will be coming from the top and not from middle-level managers (Král & Králová, 2016). The simple organizational structure will be beneficial to the company since there will be no multiple management levels that require decisions to climb the ladder before they are approved.

The simple design structure at the organization will be characterized by several elements. Examples of these elements include centralized authority, minimum formalization, low departmentalization, and minimum work specialization (Burton et al., 2019). Therefore, only a small number of employees will be employed to work at the five locations, and each worker will perform multiple functions and duties. For instance, chefs can cook and serve. However, as the new restaurants advance and the company expands, the simple design organization structure may be upgraded into a more complex structure to cater for the firm’s needs.

However, the owner will be required to deal with the limitation of the simple design structure so that day-to-day operations run smoothly. For example, the company’s owner will have to adjust his schedule to accommodate decision-making processes since he has to approve them all (Burton et al., 2019). Furthermore, the owner will be forced to employ several other workers in the five locations and find a better way of managing them since they have to wait for approvals even though they are qualified to make certain decisions. Furthermore, the owner must consider who to take charge in the case of an unfortunate event when they are not available to solve problems or make decisions.


The primary job design that will be applied is rotation, and the simple structure organizational design will be used in the firm. The job position as a district manager has complete autonomy, authority, and responsibility to manage the staff, and effectively operate five of the firm’s new locations. Job rotation is the primary job design that will be applied in the new locations of the organization. A job analysis will be done to collect and record all data like the skills and knowledge that are required for employees that will work in the company while job description will summarize all their responsibilities and roles. The job specification will describe the educational qualifications required for the various job positions. The chosen design structure is simple, whereby the company’s owner will have total control and make all the decisions in the firm.


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