Historical Essay Sample: Passing Poston Trailer

Published: 2019-06-19
Historical Essay Sample: Passing Poston Trailer
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Attacks at the Pearl Harbor resulted in the dislocation of more than 100, 000 American Japanese people out of their homes. Some of them were settled in the Poston internment camp that was an Indian reservation centre. The camp was in a desert, meaning that the Japanese had to be subjected to a lot of difficulties in Arizona. The act represents a deprivation of the fundamental human rights; forcing them to move out of their land and ensuring that they have settled in a desert where conditions are very tough for human existence. This is a touching story that I do not like because I consider exercising equality and ensuring that the members of the society have been treated with a high level of professionalism and care. It is, however, to my surprise that all these inhuman actions were being committed by the Japanese because they were political enemies. The idea here is that at that time, there was no equality and the right to participate actively in governance. Otherwise, one could be subjected to the emotional and physical trauma of the Japanese even if he/she was just suspected of being involved in political affairs.

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The Japanese represented the political enemies to the governance. They were sent out of their country, felt alienated in the desert and had to change their ways of life. The Japanese were completely unwanted, but they quickly accepted their new ways of life while in the wilderness as they did not have any other option. The movie reminds us of the cultural differences that the country faced and the challenges for the minority groups such as the Japanese and the Indians in the United States. The movie also makes us understand the difficulties that the Japanese faced, why, how and when all these incidents occurred, giving us a deeper understanding of the history of America. The Japanese tried to prove a point that they were rightfully in America and that they had the passion for remaining being Americans.

The minority group strongly believed that they were Americans but the authorities at that time constantly reminded them that they were not. This forced the Japanese to look for alternative sources of comfort. The thing that I like from this movie is that even if they were discriminated and displaced from their original land, they decided to remain united and ensure that they have lived in peace and harmony. They believed that unless they could forgive and forget, they would not be happy as they could only think of their past troubles. The Japanese turned to the Supreme Being for comfort and the hope that even if they were at the low, their problems could one day come to an end. Unlike my expectations, they were not involved in violent activities in an attempt of trying to force their way back to the original homeland. Poston is a significant place in the history of the Japanese because it made them understand who they were. Additionally, the current generation is able to comprehend the challenges that their Japanese ancestors went through, enabling them to maintain respect and value these group of people for accepting the problems and looking for solutions instead of resorting to violence. Through the movie, I have learnt that even if one is subjected to a lot of difficulties, violence should not be considered as an alternative. We need to value peace and harmony in the society as this is the nest weapon to fight any form of social injustices.

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