Parallels between God's Teachings and the Field of Psychiatry and Psychology - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-12-25
Parallels between God's Teachings and the Field of Psychiatry and Psychology - Essay Sample
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Some humans view that Christian faith contributes nothing to psychology and psychiatry though there are superficial similarities. God's teachings explain the behavior and mind of a human adhering to religion. Some religious practices can change the human brain boosting mental health. Religion helps people to cope with stress, covering the relationship to optimism, happiness, and purpose in life (Koenig, 2018). There is a connection between religion and mental issues. People who believe in a punitive god are more likely to suffer from mental issues such as compulsions and social anxiety. In case there is a patient in a family, worries can be observed when there is no sharing of beliefs. Some people develop anxiety as a result of religion. Some patients may be troubled with anxiety on the prophecies of future occurrences and, or in judgment. Dedicated people to God’s teachings have better ways to cope with stress, anxiety, and depression.

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Often, psychologists’ remedies and solutions are unquestioned when accompanied by scripture verses. Psychological methods and theories are human solutions to spiritual problems and intend to mask genuine issues. Working with spiritually minded people enable acquisition of skills to mental health professionals needed to diagnose and treat (Schreurs, 2019). Relationships are encouraged to solve emotional problems, and a good self-image becomes desirable and acceptable when acquired through Christy’s work. Christian psychiatrists and psychologists, who claim psychological therapy and theories to deal with social issues, ignore that the Bible has been sufficient for years. God’s teachings are unique in conceptualizing human beings' problems, goals for responding to the problems and pursuing the goals by applying scripture principles. God inspires all scripture and profitable for teaching, reproof, correction, training in righteousness, that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work (2 Tim. 3:16). God reveals a man in Christ as the full model of humanity. Psychologists and psychiatrists attempt to help people understand themselves and their problems in their current life situation and personal goals.

Interaction with Clinical Theory

In a situation where a patient is suffering from a psychiatric illness, the medicine offered consists of sleeping pills and sedatives for the mind. The treatment helps the patient to sleep and rest while receiving medication. For full psychiatry recovery, the patient must heal both the mind and the soul. An illness may seriously make a patient suffer too much and still be in denial that it is a punishment of wrongdoing; instead, they tend to believe it is nature, and they should suffer. Turning away from realities and giving up on self causes suffering, depression, anxiety, and hallucination. Besides, psychiatrists and psychologists embracing insight-oriented psychotherapy are believed to be shepherds bringing courage, compassion, and clarity enough to people from when they were born (Ablow, 2015). A patient may spend a lot of cash to be treated from a specific disease no matter the cost. Such a patient does not know the powerful fact that Christ resurrected for anyone seeking to restore themselves to life. For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither your ways my ways declares the Lord (Acts 17:11). To achieve a spiritual rebirth, one has to abandon the psychological defenses that hopes in the world would be predictable, dashed by unexpected losses, and followed paths that felt easier when the real path would be more authentic but more challenging.

Was Jesus the First Psychiatrist?

I'm not convinced that Jesus Christ was the first psychiatrist since mental health was unknown in the 1st century. During those eras, a condition like epilepsy was considered demon-possessed. Also, a psychiatrist requires a medical degree; Jesus was a typical faith healer. The first psychiatry credible work and studies were done in the early and mid-1800s after Christ. Benjamin Rush published a textbook on mental illness in 1812. He was known as the father of American Psychiatry since he was the first to believe that mental illness was not a possession of demons known earlier but a disease of the mind.


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