Self-assessment Definition and Free Example

Published: 2018-05-08
Self-assessment Definition and Free Example
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A Self-Assessment and Motivation Idea

A self-Assessment is probably one of the most crucial activities that one can undertake in order to plan for future life as well as career development. It is about making a decision about the standards of performance expected and then judging you in relation to the standards. A self-assessment is formative and should help a student think about their areas of weaknesses as well as weaknesses from which point they may think of improving or not. It is, therefore, a rationale for maintaining quality as well as an outlook for the future. My self-assessment focused on two most important objectives for which I have to base my focus on to achieve. My first goal is acquiring a degree in business management. In order to achieve this degree, I have outlined activities that will help me achieve the degree as well as the resources, criteria, and the target of review. My second and the last objective is to work in the hotel industry. My self-assessment criteria, therefore, surround these two objectives.

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Spiller (2009), clearly outlines that self-assessment is a very objective activity that seeks build a natural tendency in the learning life of an individual and how well they are able to build their capacity of reaching their short-term as well as lifelong goals. In other words, it is the central idea behind-motivation (Spiller, 2012 p.4). By noting that there is room for progress, one is motivated to work harder to realize this goal. In this view, I involved myself in at least three criteria assessment activities. These three activities surrounded leadership skills check, health checks, and the last activity involved checking my personal skills. These three activities fall within the limits of implicit self-assessment seeing that explicit procedures have to be followed in order to come up with the skills evidently. After undertaking the tests, I was reassured of my personal ability to achieve my set goals on seeing that the results have a certain correlation to my goals which proves that they are achievable. However, I noted a few weaknesses that may derail my objectives. I will, therefore, require to make time and engage in activities that offset these weaknesses. Nonetheless, I also noted a few strengths which I will capitalize on to in order to make the best out of them. The self-assessment plan was, therefore, involving and forms the guidelines towards achieving my two goals.

An Importance of Leadership Skills in Own Self-Assessment

To attain a good grade in school, and to also maintain a comfortable and friendly working environment with peers, there is need to measure your leadership skills (Spiller, 2012 p.7). With such an outlook, my leadership-skills self-assessment was involving and very objective. Personal characteristics in regard to leadership surrounded self-confidence, emotional intelligence and a positive attitude and outlook were evaluated. I noted that my career would adopt a transformational leadership style where I also assessed myself in regards to the spheres of the transformational leadership skill. The style is inculcative of motivating people, providing a visionary goal for the future, being a good role model, managing performance effectively, and also managing support and stimulation (Gould, and Carson, 2008 p64).

From my observation, I was able to maintain a fair mark while evaluating my personal characteristics. In regard to Self-confidence, I managed to score 7 out of 10. I also realized that I have a fairly good positive attitude and outlook seeing that I managed to score 8 out of 10. In emotional intelligence, I managed a full score, meaning that I have excellent skills in emotional intelligence. Leadership skills in regard to transformational leadership skills also reflected a fair progress towards the achievement of my goals. Regrading providing a compelling vision, I scored 9 out of 10. I also managed the same score in the sphere of motivation. In being a good role model, I managed a far score of 8. The same score reflected in providing support and stimulation where I scored 16 out of a total score of 20. The scores reflected a fairly well bred leader that has a leadership as well as personal skills capacity to realize my objectives. However, a weakness was located in the management of performance where I sored 6 out of 10. I will, therefore, have to build on this skill in order to improve my performance in school as well as preparing for working at any hotel.

Own Self Assessment Example

A self-assessment should be all-around and needs to evaluate all critical positions that command the objectives to be met. In this view, I found it wise to conduct a personal health evaluation seeing that it eventually dictates my score at school and also my performance while working in a hotel. Assessment surrounded skill areas compatible with my health, personal styles motivation, working with numbers, checking information, conducting mechanical problems, working with shapes as well as solving abstract problems (Ross and Bruce, 2007 p.147). The results of the observation indicated that I am well prepared for the task of acquiring my degree as well as effective working in a hotel. Nonetheless, strengths were notable, and weaknesses were also indicated upon completing the evaluation.

I noted my ability to handle change and pressure. I manage to remain calm under pressure and also reacting in a positive manner when faced with a challenging task or occurrence. This conclusion was reached at noting that I efficiently managed tasks that seemed hard to undertake. I also noted that I have an area of development especially regarding solving problems. Several instances were evaluated where I had managed to solve problems wisely while at other times solving the problems was not rational. I am therefore working hard to develop the skill of solving problems. I also noted my extreme interest in creativity, very interested in influencing and organizing people. Some interest was also noted in leisure, transport, and storage. Some little interest in engineering and science was also noted. However, no interest at all was noticed in the skill of taking charge of situations. In regard to this assessment, I noted a fair performance in marketing, sale, and advertisement where I would build on while working in a hotel.

Personal, leadership, as well as health skills, are important aspects of personal development. My goals include acquiring a degree and working at a hotel. From this assessment, I noted various strengths as well as weaknesses which have a direct impact on my future career as well as education wise. The self-assessment was, therefore, an important aspect for acquiring my degree as well as the future working in a hotel.

Complete Self Assessment and Write a Short Summary Of the Results

Employees and management use tools are known as self-assessment or evaluation to learn and rate their performances in their duties and responsibilities and outline where improvement needs to be made. Self-assessment in important in an organization because it helps both the employees and managers discuss what is important for the organization, share with each other the new techniques and skills acquired, reminds of the work they have done and point out where changes need to be made I agree it is important to maintain moral values in the business and that every organization has its rules that govern its operation (Johnson, 2016). During work, I agree that I should treat customers in the right way and handle them in the best way possible. I also agree that I should treat my colleagues as family and work jointly to grow the organization. It is significant to take up a positive approach towards the organization politics since it analyzes and develops values and the company’s vision. I found the assessment relevant since it helped me establish how I feel about ethical behavior in the organization.

Step 2

What have you learned from completing this exercise? How has your self-understanding increased?

From completing the assessment, I have learned a lot of things which help me carry out my duties and create room for improvement. After evaluation, it is clear that I don’t concur with ethical standards but with the knowledge, I have acquired I will improve. I have gained knowledge about organization ethics starting with ethical theories, moral development, moral intuition and reasoning, interpersonal communication and more about power. I never knew much about these aspects, but as from now since I have learned more, I will apply the concepts.

What does this assessment reveal about your potential strengths and weaknesses as an ethical change agent?

After completing the evaluation, I now have a better understanding of my strengths such as my self-esteem and awareness of conditions that might lead to wrong decision making. I will use them for the better of the organization working hard to achieve its goals. I have also identified my weaknesses such as overanalyzing instead of researching which leads to additional difficulties and wastes a lot of time.

Based on this assessment, how can you improve your effectiveness as an ethical change agent?

I will improve effectiveness as a change agent by targeting the interaction process in my work group to encourage positive ethical change and discourage corrupt conduct. I will also pay attention to the aspect of time and improve listening skills. A good change agent should be able to identify and analyze problems and come up with ways to solve them. I have learned that a change agent should have the ability to have good relation with others and also present the code of ethics and communicate the mission and core values of the organization (Johnson, 2016).

Step 3

Outline specific steps you will take to become a more effective change agent based on your analysis in Step 2.

I will start by learning how to have effective communication with others by understanding that during a conversation every individual has to be given a chance to speak and be heard (Johnson, 2016). I will put more effort in problem-solving and decision making by understanding the steps involved in the problem-solving process and know how to follow and implement them. I will be committed and treat the goals of the organization as my goals so that I can be motivated and more focused during work to achieve the business’s objective. I will improve and work harder with or without supervision to complete my tasks and duties for better outcomes. Lastly, to become more efficient, I will treat ethical change as my objective and function so as to be motivated towards working to achieving it (Recklies, 2014).


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