Paper Sample on Self-Love

Published: 2023-12-12
Paper Sample on Self-Love
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Self-love is an inner appreciation state for oneself and develops from behaviors that support the spiritual, physical, and psychological growth. It is demonstrated by having high esteems for personal happiness and well-being. Individuals should not sacrifice their happiness to please others, nor should they settle for less because doing so means they do not love and value themselves. The advertisement magazine is a vivid description that self-love is self-initiated. The image shows a burning kerosene candle with blue flames forming a cloud at the top, indicating that individuals with high self-love glow from the inside.

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Kerosene symbolizes that inner self-love, which starts with how people feel about themselves. A candle without kerosene cannot burn because it cannot use that of friends, family members, and others. It has to be filled with kerosene to keep up burning; likewise, people have to love themselves from the inside. No amount of love from other persons is adequate to fill the yearning that the soul requires. Kerosene is the strength that keeps the flames burning to attract people who appreciate, respect, and love their energy.


The message of the advertisement concurs with the image. The aim is to remind people that self-love starts with actions. Although love is an intangible commodity, people cannot share if they do not love themselves first. Self-love is more than admiration feelings; one people looks at the mirrors. It is about inner compassion and respect that helps individuals to overcome life challenges, such as breakups, job loss, or loss of a loved one. Self-love is like a preventive measure or vitamins that help the body to fight against diseases because it protects people from negative life pressures and factors that may cause distress. The advertisement also addresses a few methods that can help people to initiate self-love. One of them is sitting or stretching for five seconds before getting out of bed, and the second is a soothing touch. A self-hug or a soothing touch activates the nervous system to release oxytocin and endorphins that boost the sensation of safety and security. The hormones also reduce stress to help people to achieve and maintain a calm mental state. The strategies help people to start having feelings of self-love.

The techniques used in the advertisement to enforce the message of self-love include word choice, color scheme, lighting, and objects. The audiences are people without self-love and care, and the advert uses kerosene candle blue flames, forming a cloud at the top to demonstrate the functionality of self-love. It keeps their candles burning to attract a cloud of people, materials, and happiness. The lighting helps to capture people attention due to its brightness. Likewise, the choice of colors in adverts is an ideal palette for advertising and marketing efforts in testing, science, and more than meets the eye.


Thus, the advert uses a combination of colors, including yellow and orange and blue. The yellow and orange colors call for the attention of the audience to critically analyze the burning process. The color blue in the advert has mainly been used as a tool for peace, reliability, and tranquility. Moreover, it stimulates productivity, curbs appetite, and offers a sense of security. The correct choice of color scheme and lighting communicate the message of an advert most effectively, reaching many audiences as possible.

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