Paper Sample on Personal and Professional Philosophy

Published: 2024-01-11
Paper Sample on Personal and Professional Philosophy
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Today's billions of people have multimillion ideas on their views on kinesiology physical education due to different mentalities from when a toddle was. As always advised by the medical officers' kinesics activities, Basing my health belief is the best physical condition that fights many difficulties we encounter now and then in everyday life. Eating foods rich in fats and oils as it has become the day's routine for the young and middle age has increased overweight to the youths, leading to attack to diseases. Kinesics physical education helps fight specific diseases like the two common types of diabetes; diabetes Meritus and diabetes insipidus, stroke, various types of cancers, and metabolic syndrome extra.

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Kinesiology Physical Education

Kinesiology physical education generally is seen as a way of time-wasting a belief from a lazy clue. On my perception, I take it as the chance to hold and train the interested youths. However, not everyone who qualifies for the odd point to earn money during the competition, especially in my specific area in athletic, throwing, and jumping, we take the best for competition. Despite being left behind as a youth, you should have already benefited from the exercises you pay attention to daily (Morovatdar et al., 2020).

The following are core believes in kinesics physical education. Ones people are unable to handle sex duties as supposed to be. One is supposed to start kinesics education when instructed by doctors just anyhow. On sex, people have different opinions on my side kinesics exercises will eventually put a spark back at your sex life. Imperfect body shapes make one physical intimacy (Solmon et al., 2020).

A frequent habit towards exercises increases physical confidence about how you appear to your partners, which in return, boosts your sex power. Regular exercising is prone to improve arousal for the ladies. Simultaneously, men who perform exercises have fewer chances to contract problems with erectile dysfunction than those who fail to perform exercises.

On the other core belief that one should wait for instruction s from the doctor for him/herself to start kinesics physical education is a wrong idea as per my view as a kinesics physical education teacher. Every day we eat many foods containing a high amount of oils and fats, which form layers in our bodies now and then. One should develop a habit of exercising every day without fail to ease somebody's problems.

Poor Health Practices

Many death cases occurring today result from poor health practices, eating foods rich in fats and oil, which creates a high amount of cholesterols in the body and creates chances o disease attacks. With the health help kinesics physical education, one will be able to cumber the body's fat and generally fight other diseases in our bodies. Some of these diseases are arthritis, high blood pressure, and metabolic syndromes.

If you have to wait for the doctors' instruction, you already are in physical problems, of which you will be having great difficulties to handle the exercise. At a sheer amount, Cholesterols will in our bodies have some side effects, which will be hard to combust entirely because the workouts are late stated, hence creating heavyweights that are unbearable to individuals causing other diseases like asthmatic among other diseases. Personal control effects are supposed to guide one to handle exercises to avoid poor health conditions, which will be too hard to handle at maximum levels where you need to burn a high amount of calories from your body.

As my area of specification, the track and field exercises are always on the front line in benefiting the participants in different ways. The few types of training involved in kinesiology physical education help our bodies, especially those who focus on athletics. Having just a few kilometers a day in running will promote the best body functioning and increasing moods. The following are the benefits as a result of kinesiology exercises. For instance, Kinesics helps our help in the following ways; weights controls, combat diseases, health conditions, rising body moods, some exercises help in energy-boosting and building a good sleep. Exercises are social and fun to handle, and finally, Kinesics puts a better spark in your sex life (Solmonet al., 2020).

Beliefs based on kinesiology physical education such that overweight is advised to start Kinesics to help the lower the amounts of fats and fats and cholesterols in the body are taken lightly by many youths especially the lazy ones who do not want to keep their minds in social media. Watching television programs and chatting using mobile phones and their laptops day in and out. Many youths have been waiting for the problem to arise to start Kinesics, which should not be the case. It would be best to prevent the issues before they attack you to ease the conditions and keep yourself free from stress as our bodies require acceptable standards in exercise (Morovatdar et al., 2020).

Training Camp

Orr's Fit, and training camp is a non-profiting organization ready to offer kinesics physical education to youths to help handle some day to day problems. For instance, to cumber overweight cases from the medical facilities which are shooting up quickly and faster. To combat diseases and health conditions, put sparks behind sex life towards the married couples and finally as a source of earning to those who excel and are taken for competitions outside Orr's Fit and training camp.

Exercising helps in weight loss hence maintaining the body shape and exercising combust calories, which are the causes of weight increase. The increase in intense exercise increases the reduction of calories. A little amount of exercise is always better than none. To get more attraction to your workouts, keep some activities in exercise every day, and you will adapt (Solmonet al., 2020).

Exercising helps in combating diseases and health conditions. Exercising with Orr's Fit and training camp will keep you in allures to fight infections, exercising will keep you free from heart disease, high blood pressure. Being active in physical exercises boosts high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, the "good" cholesterol. It decreases unhealthy triglycerides, which keeps your body blood flowing with no strain, hence lowering cardiovascular diseases.

Those who do well in the field will be escorted to competition grounds at which some of them can get themselves gift good performance in the camp as an appreciation in the competition ground. The competitions also promote social gathering, promoting ideas interchange, which can be useful in business developments and different views towards different cultures, taking off the participants stereotype.


Finally, having exercises will raise your sexual desires and capabilities for married couples. Exercising owes you a good body shape that creates confidence for your partner, which will always entice your partner. Frequent exercising is prone to improve arousal for the ladies, while men who perform exercises are less likely to contract erectile dysfunction than those who fail to perform exercises. Exercises also act in mood improvements. Suppose one has been on a stressful day. In that case, exercises make one feel more relaxed and less anxious due to certain brain chemicals released during exercises—the appearance made during exercises and confidence that helps in conforming self-esteem. (Morovatdar et al., 2020).


Morovatdar, N., Di Napoli, M., Stranges, S., Thrift, A. G., Kapral, M., Behrouz, R., & Mokhber, N. (2020). Regular physical activity postpones the age of occurrence of first-ever stroke and improves long-term outcomes. Neurological Sciences, 1-8.

Solmon, M. A., Graber, K. C., Woods, A. M., Williams, N. I., Templin, T. J., Price, S. L., & Weimer, A. (2020). Physical education teacher education in kinesiology: Past, present, and future. Kinesiology Review, 9(4), 305-312.

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