Paper on Safeguarding Financial Integrity: ABC Bank's Compliance with Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs)

Published: 2024-01-05
Paper on Safeguarding Financial Integrity: ABC Bank's Compliance with Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs)
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Compliance with the existing regulations is a requirement for the financial institution. The Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) is one of the financial institutions’ entire documents to report compliance against financial crime. Notably, this document must be filed with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) whenever there is a suspected financial fraud or money laundering case. These reports form essential tools that organizations can use to monitor any activity within the finance-related sector that is perceived as abnormal, a precursor of illegal behavior, which may threaten public safety. The process of implementing this tool requires tremendous, honest, and complete cooperation from the employees. Without this aspect, it is impossible to file a SAR.

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In most jurisdictions, people employed in the registered sectors must provide reports regarding any suspicious activities they know or suspect cases of money laundering. Regarding the current case of ABC Bank, the bank needs to undertake several steps to ensure that ABC Bank employees comply with the bank’s obligations to file suspicious activity reports (SARs), as required by the federal Bank Secrecy Act (“BSA”) and various anti-moneylaundering (AML) regulations. These steps include:

Give employees clear guidance: Employees must be given clear guidance in the sense that they must not turn away whenever they observe something unusual. They must make reasonable inquiries and decide whether or not such activities are suspicious. Based on the fact that the customers mostly engage in many activities, it does not mean that they are always suspect. Thus, ABC Bank must inform its employees that they must make reasonable inquiries. They should also be reminded that reporting will play a significant role in ensuring that their company’s objectives are achieved.

Motivate employees: The employees must be reminded that the reasons and essence for reporting are to identify the money laundering that happens in the company, which prevents them from meeting their mission. They should be informed that money laundering causes tax evasion, drugs, and other predicate crimes. The management should not be afraid to tell them about the tremendous damage caused by money laundering.

Educate them and give them the appropriate tools: The ABC bank should provide the red flags or the typologies. Ideally, these may involve providing a list and example of the type of conduct that may generate a SAR. The management should depict the scenario relevant to the products and services and the clients they are working with daily.

Penalty for Non-Compliance

The employees must be aware that failure to comply with financial regulations, such as anti-money laundering, attracts numerous penalties. These include the following:

Fines: Fines are the first and the most obvious consequence of any person who demonstrates non-compliance and failure to report the suspected money laundering activities.

Imprisonment: Individuals can indeed be subjected to detention if they breach the anti-money laundering legislation. Often, the duration of the imprisonment varies depending on the degree of the offense and the court’s decision to keep the offender in jail pending trials.

Loss of reputation and potential staff: Non-compliance by the company implies that it will likely lose its importance and productive team. Thus, employees must be able to know that their actions can immensely cost the organization.

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