Paper on Facial Recognition in the Workplace: Gendered Perspectives and Ethical Considerations

Published: 2023-12-14
Paper on Facial Recognition in the Workplace: Gendered Perspectives and Ethical Considerations
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Stark, Luke, Amanda Stanhaus, and Denise L. Anthony. "I Don't Want Someone to Watch Me While I'm Working": Gendered Views of Facial Recognition Technology in Workplace Surveillance." Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology.

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This article suggests that employee monitoring has raised concerns from all society business unions, personnel interest groups, privacy guards, civil liberties employees, lawyers, professional ethicists, and possible combinations. -- Counsel has its argument, whether economic, legal, or ethical, for or against employee surveillance. However, regardless of the mode of logic, seven main points arise from the research pool. Similar issues have been seen on both sides of the debate somewhat. The article discusses the seven main points raised about the surveillance of employees. None of these are definitive claims and for appeals to management and moral concerns. It should be agreed that a more detailed ethical study is required to appreciate the complexities of employee surveillance better. The last portion of this report explains how this report will continue.

Employers have long-developed strategies and use modern technology to screen workers to improve performance, decrease corruption, and even retain subordinate power and influence. New and cheaper networked systems enable tracking, but what are the implications of broad-based tracking at work?

Employers are continually tracking staff using information and communication technology. Such surveillance in the USA is comprehensive, but its awareness and likely implications vary among gender-based groups. It is also observed that women are much less likely than men to allow FRT cameras at work, based on evidence from a nationally representative study conducted by the Pew Research Center. They are furthering the investigation on whether men and women think differently about privacy and whether privacy expectations exacerbate the association between gender and job surveillance acceptance. Lastly, we discuss the effect of these results on privacy and surveillance by embedded systems and how they are related to the influence of tracking and technology such as FRT. Note: it is understood that gender-based tests are often incomplete and exclusionary. As mentioned in the explanation of the sample's shortcomings, we have been limited by Pew’s survey categories.

Probably the main reason for surveillance – often used by businesses that manufacture employee tracking devices – is that it will make staff more efficient. Computer tracking cleansers say that they can help administrators minimize the number of work hours and ensure workers use their resources more efficiently.

While monitoring employees at work is deemed helpful, especially when it comes to productivity, there are so many concerns raised against such a move in a working environment. There rise in the issues of ethics and morality. Surveillance over employees may lead to a denial of freedom to employees since they feel so much pressure over being followed up too closely, and their privacy invaded. At times, the focus of the employer may shift from having goodwill for his employees to critically searching for faults of employees and ignoring the strengths they might have for the company.

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