Paper Example on Modern Employers of Nurse Educators

Published: 2023-11-10
Paper Example on Modern Employers of Nurse Educators
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A nurse educator refers to a nurse who teaches and prepares licensed practical nurses and registered nurses to enter practice positions (Hunt, 2013). They can also teach in various patient care settings to provide continuing education to licensed nursing staff. To enhance positive learning and teaching environments, organizations affiliated to the National League of Nursing (NLN) have developed crucial capabilities for nurse educators as well as nurse education programs. Concerning the continuing shortages in the nursing faculty, the main intention of the competencies is to offer guidelines and frameworks to prepare new nurses for their duties. The venue for the nursing educator would entail the provision of education to Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) and Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree programs for classroom theory instruction and instruction in the clinical setting.

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Career portfolios are commonly used by modern employers to plan, manage, and document education, work patterns, and skills. Professionals, companies, and students use career portfolios to showcase their best work and showcase their achievements, skills, and abilities. The main focus of this paper is to discuss why modern employers normally ask for portfolios that comprise curriculum vitae (expanded resume), teaching philosophy, writing a proof of competencies as well as samples of applications.

Teaching Philosophy

Most modern employers have been asking for portfolios that comprise of teaching philosophy to help them ascertain various values and beliefs of the potential employees (DeYoung, 2015). The knowledge of the values and beliefs of the employees is significant to employers in various ways. For one, it helps the employers to ascertain if the values and beliefs of the employees are in line with the established philosophies of the organizations that they are yet to serve. DeYoung (2015) argued that for the success of any organization, the philosophy, which refers to the values and beliefs of the employees must be in line with that of the institution; this is significant as will help in ensuring that there is no conflict between the philosophies of the organization and that of the employees. When the two philosophies match, then the employees will be effective in the execution of their duties and ensuring that the objectives and missions of the organizations are achieved.

Curriculum Vitae

Most employers need a resume to help have a comprehensive, detailed description of the candidate's prior working experience, achievements as well as academic background (Holmes, 2018). Moreover, curriculum vitae helps employers to have an in-depth understanding of employees' soft skills, potential contributions, list of available certificates knowledge, professional and philanthropic volunteer works, as well as other additional relevant information that makes the employee relevant and suitable to the advertised positions.

Furthermore, curriculum vitae acts as a document upon which employers can judge the legibility of the advertised position. It helps the employers ascertain whether the potential employees will be of value to the organization (Holmes, 2018). Besides, curriculum vitae enables employers to filter and exclude those candidates who do not meet the set thresholds provided by the organization. Moreover, employers need curriculum vitae to help them ascertain of the candidates will be capable of doing the work that is being advertised by the organization.

Samples of Publications and Writings

Sample publications, as well as writings, are very crucial tools that help employers have an in-depth understanding of various aspects of the candidate in different ways (Gerencer, 2020). For one, a sample of publications, as well as writings, helps employers to understand the candidate's command over the language, such as their communication skills as well as language proficiency. Furthermore, the sample of publications and writings helps employers to have an assessment of the candidate’s knowledge of the subject as well as their current information and contribution to the nursing field.

Gerencer (2020) argued that the publications and writings display the employers' various types of research that a candidate has undertaken and, therefore, their experience in the nursing field. A sample of publications and writings enables employers to understand a candidate's research skills, which can further help in highlighting their qualifications. Gerencer (2020) further claimed that sample publications are always needed by employers to help them evaluate a candidate’s writing skills, style as well and tone. A sample of publications and writings are needed by employers to help them know candidates who will be able to bring a positive reputation to the organization in the nursing research field.

Proof of Competencies

Besides the above-mentioned credentials, employers need proof of competencies to help ascertain the fact that the candidates have met all the needed professionals, skills, experience as well and nursing knowledge that are needed to undertake their duties in the medical environment independently. MacDougall and Sanders-Parks (2016) argued that proof of competencies helps employers ascertain that the candidate has fulfilled all the professional requirements that make them fit to undertake nursing activities.

How to Organize a Portfolio

For clarity and decency, I would organize my portfolio by ensuring that my recent works appear first. Moreover, I would ensure that I work towards developing clear sections so that interviewers can easily see even the smaller bits vividly (Gerencer, 2020). Further, I would ensure that I incorporate samples that reflect my ideas, voice, and style of work. Lastly, I would ensure that the portfolio is revised such that there are no grammatical errors.

Distribution to Potential Employers

To ensure that my portfolio reaches my potential employers, I would use email since email is faster and the most secure way of delivering information. I would ensure that I make a positive impression with the initial correspondence. Moreover, I would ensure that the email is formatted properly and has a clear subject line.


For the purpose of gauging the competency of candidates, modern employers require various credentials from potential employees. The credential normally comprises curriculum vitae (expanded resume), teaching philosophy, writing a proof of competencies, and samples of applications. Thorough scrutiny of these credentials helps employers to make an informed decision concerning the recruitment of candidates.


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