Free Paper - Outstanding Achievement Essay

Published: 2023-03-27
Free Paper - Outstanding Achievement Essay
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I have had many achievements in life but joining University was one of the most achievements I have made in life. Being a firstborn in a family of four and from a humble family could not prevent me from joining the University of choice and choosing a career that would later change my life. It had not been easy for my parents as they have to take us through school with the little salary they have and also manage the rest for our upkeep. I had to repeat some classes as going to University would add to our expenses and life would become hard than it already was.

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It was a dream come true when I saw an advert in which needy students were offered scholarships to help them join universities of their choice. The scholarship was to cater for the whole amount throughout the University and part of the upkeep expense. I enquired more about it and made the necessary applications to try my luck and secure the scholarship. Weeks later, after submitting the forms, I received a call that I had qualified for the scholarship, and I was to be catered for, and all expenses are taken care of.

My parents could not hide the joy of having me in University and more so having someone who would, later on, help them in the future. They had done their best and always ensured I achieved the best results even with the hardships we went through. I was happy to have been an excellent example to my siblings as all of them worked so hard to achieve more of what I did in class. They always emulate me and am proud to be an excellent example to them as it always makes me yearn to achieve more each day. My parents encouraged and guided me in all the works I did and always gave me hope that everything will work out and at the right time, the time came, and I went to my University of choice with no fees struggles.

In every achievement made in life, there is always something to be proud of. I was proud of myself, proud of whom I was going to be and proud of the happiness I brought to my family. I had worked hard for this and sure handwork pays and at the perfect time. There were constant struggles as I worked towards achieving a university grade and even without an idea of how I was to get there but with the hope that God would create one. It is at the university that I have learnt a lot and met a lot of people who have helped me in shaping my life and achieving a lot more. Am definitely a different person from who I was years before joining University.

University is where I have experienced all sorts of growth, in all spheres of life. My future depends on what I reap after the four years in University. The type of respect I have from the people I associate with will have its basis at this juncture. The sponsorship made me have an insight of helping other in the future as I had been helped. Was it not for the scholarship am not sure whether I would have made it to University? Thanks to those who fund the schemes and am yearning to be one of them in the near future.

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