Essay Sample on Our Desire to Communicate With Our Machines

Published: 2023-03-15
Essay Sample on Our Desire to Communicate With Our Machines
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Digital devices are essential in human communication as they aid in communication. Humans co-work with machines such as artificial intelligence. Machine-to-human interaction is gradually becoming common. Machine-to-human interaction is a concept where machines are let to interact with humans based on gestures or voice. Digital devices are gaining popularity with people adopting the use of digital devices that aid in communication. Humans communicate with digital devices through voice, drawings, gestures, pictures, as well as printed text. Voice is, however, the commonly adopted means of digital communication. Voice integration in communication helps humans to express their thoughts. Sometimes it is not easy to communicate with gestures, and the need for voice integration arises.

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Speech is the only effective means of expressing desires and ideas. This is the reason why humans are increasingly finding the need to command digital devices such as mobile phones using voice (Schafer). These devices have artificial intelligence, which enables ease of communication. The machines can pick the voice, process it, and respond quickly. These are remarkable developments in the field of communication. Although there is room for improvement, I believe that enough has been made to make the humans experience in communication better. If one needs to, for example, do something on the mobile phone, and they do not have time to type, they can record the voice, and the device will be prompted to take action. These transformations have made communication easier as they are incorporated in the process to make communication easier. The developments use of artificial intelligence in digital devices is increasing the effectiveness in the way we communicate both at a personal level as well as at the corporate level.

The digital devices with software that can allow speech, listening to an understanding facilitate two-way communications (Bannister). The devices use artificial intelligence; hence, the reason why they can pick their sound to translate it and give the desired feedback. The devices are beneficial, especially to people who are handicapped, those who cannot write as well as those who are visually challenged. With the advancement in digital devices and efficient use of artificial intelligence, these people can use the devices just like others. Human-machine communication is essential both to aid communication for those facing communication challenges as well as improve the quality of communication.

Human-machine communication is now widely used both at a personal level as well as in the corporate field (Bannister). For a human-machine communication to be effective, all that is needed is a microphone, as well as the headphones or speaker. The microphone picks the human voice, and the speaker delivers the voice from the system to the ears.

The system receives the voice and understands it and determines the action that is required. The system is fitted with artificial intelligence (Rathi). This helps to interpret the voice and after establishing its meaning, provide the action that is required. Applications can be controlled by human beings and perform tasks such as gathering information and completing a telephone call. Through human voice input, one can initiate and complete a telephone call without having to dial the phone. This eases things, especially in business where multiple telephone calls are made per day. Through such developments in technology, multitasking becomes easier.

Speech recognition is a development in digital communication that is facilitated by artificial intelligence (Rathi). Artificial intelligence permits the machines to carry out assistant duties that would rather have been performed by human beings. At the company level, the use of artificial technology helps in maximizing the effects of marketing by aiding digital advertising and content that is primarily generated through an algorithm. Artificial intelligence is very beneficial n increasing the efficiency, profitability as well as productivity of digital communications.

People are increasingly using devices such as smartphones, surveillance cameras, watches, and household devices to communicate and transfer data (Kim). Such data is transferred through the devices without human interaction. A huge amount of relevant data can be obtained from the internet, and it can be used to make certain decisions concerning the business. The use of technology in communication is effective since the manpower can be focused on other tasks that cannot be delegated to the technology. Artificial intelligence can greatly help in corporate communication as it helps in choosing the right words depending on the context.

Human beings need to take caution when embracing technologies that have embraced artificial intelligence because of the risks that they expose themselves when using technologies (Arntz, Terry and Ulrich 159). The technologies have evolved in every sector and are intended to make the lives of the people easy and more comfortable. The risks involved include data mining where the technologies collect personal information of the person that can be used for or against the person. The data is used by companies to tailor-make ads based on the data collected from the person. Companies have been accused of selling the data they collected from people to third party companies.

The desire of people to communicate with machines has led to the overreliance of the machines by the people who want the machines to perform all the activities on their behalf. The automation makes all activities to be done in a procedural way (Osoba and William). People need to take caution when integrating the digital machines to ensure other people and activities are not affected by the integration. There are some integrations that have happened where other people get affected. More people are losing jobs as companies embrace technologies that do the work that was initially done by people leading to massive unemployment.

The increased usage of technology due to automation has led to the over-reliance of the machines in human activities; hence, when the technologies fail, all the activities stop. Companies incur hugely loses when the machines fail. The human had alternatives would help so that when the machines fail, the people can take over (Osoba and William). The changes that I would like to see where people get informed on the risks and dangers that they expose themselves when they integrate technologies and automate processes. Some companies develop technologies that are a danger to human beings and their activities, and they do not inform people of the potential risks. The action needs to be taken against such companies for negligence (Arntz, Terry, and Ulrich 159). Companies need to be held responsible for any risks that people have when using their technologies. The right to privacy need to embrace at all times in all technologies that automate processes. Artificial intelligence and automation are good, but caution is important to avoid any potential dangers.

In conclusion, artificial intelligence aids communication both at the personal and corporate level. Through artificial intelligence, the errors when writing are decreased, and time consumed in communicating is greatly reduced. Artificial intelligence, therefore, provides accurate results. Artificial intelligence in communication aids tasks such as initiating a telephone call without the direct interaction of humans.

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