Essay Example with Video Analysis of the Grand Budapest Hotel Movie

Published: 2019-04-10
Essay Example with Video Analysis of the Grand Budapest Hotel Movie
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The Grand Budapest Hotel visual and video analysis in the meantime

This paper mainly aims at exploring the Grand and Budapest Hotel visual and video analysis in the meantime. In fact, the study primarily seeks to examine the student critical ability to analyses the video and television programs using the visual literacy concepts and knowledge in due course. Thus, the goal of this assignment is to focus and explore the makeable visual concept along with the aesthetic design applications in the visual concept in the long run. In essence, the idea of the visual analysis mainly demarcated from chapter four to the overall chapter six as discussed below

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One of the fundamental issues addressed and examined in video analysis the appropriate role of time in a video series. In fact, time mainly defined as the art of the cinema which works in correlation with space to ensure that the scenic part of the video is achieved in the long run. Furthermore, it's believed that many of the scenic space concepts have pertinent two-dimensional or three-dimensional composition which unfolds with time in the due process. For instance, the director controlling over the makeable video program in the mise-en-scene regulates and governs the time duration of the television show. In fact, the Grand and Budapest Hotel visual and video depict on the schedule for both the character and the how the time indicates the role of the person in the long run. In essence, these two characters are used interchangeably to bring the sharpening and sudden revelation and anxiety theme promptly, and that is Mustafa and Zero.

Secondly, the video also is used to create and advance on the narrative functions in line with the video is the theme of war in the meantime. In fact, the analysis depicts on the how the concept of war can immensely be used to create and motifs patterns in return. Moreover, the film expands on the role which an individual element tends to have more so in line with the functions in the meantime. In fact, this movie analysis poses on the setting duties in line with the war plot ultimately. For instance, the war is generated in the video play when the military personals promptly stop Gustave and Zero in the due process. In fact, the video text marks it as a frontier in the meantime but from the look of this the guys are soldiers, their immense reaction must have something to do with the war in return.

On the other hand, depth and background are also other parametric aspects in the visual concept analyzed in the Grand and Budapest Hotel video analysis. In fact, the art history tends to have quick and two-dimensional image study which mainly focuses on the deep space in the meantime. In essence, in the visual analysis, the depth has five core and epitome manipulation techniques in the long run. These five manipulations mainly include linear perspectives, the makeable plane separation, atmospheric perspective as well as color perspective in particular. In actual sense, the concept of depth is depicted in this analysis and mainly considered by the film director in return.

Moreover, the film utilized the depth technique by employing the flatness methodology which mainly aims at giving a critical understanding and spatial qualities in the long run. For instance, at the beginning of the parametric video, there is the girl who works in the hotel and hangs the appropriate keys on the headstone of the principal author. Also, the depth setting only depicts that the author is a proficient writer, but it doesn't give much information pertaining the lady who visited the author's grave. Thus, this analysis uses in-depth setting to evaluate and explore the norm.

Another fundamental concept of visual analysis captured in this Grand and Budapest Hotel visual and video analysis is the cinematography technique. In fact, the aspect refers to the makeable way in which the design or the film director manipulates the color coding of the movie and the texture of the video in due course. Moreover, the tonalities range is the depiction which the image displays regarding the composition and the colors in line with the haze in the long run. Subsequently, the analysis of the human vision in chapter four has established that most people are sensitive to light, texture, pictorial properties, shape and color. However, it is important and essential for the filmmakers to guide the overall viewers on the pertinent ways of dealing with the viewer's frames in the long run. For instance, the hotel has lavish prime and ink regarding the color paint of the structure. However, this image fades off more and more and thus, it is becoming decrepit in the current state, and this gives the positive approach and manipulation on the essential role of post-filming in the meantime. Furthermore, the analysis also depicted that visual imaging influenced by a different color in the process. In essence, the different colors and film tend to create stocks which vary immensely with the color contrast in due course. Likewise, Technicolor also viewed as the fast-growing aspect of the visual industry with heavily saturation hues in particular. Therefore, it is important to note that color plays a major role in the visual analysis and thus, it is essential for all students to understand the color coding before applying it in the visual film system (David & Thompson, 2008).

Framing is also another important concept and tool used in the visual analysis and film aesthetics in the meantime. Additionally, the frame is not only a pertinent a neutral border but also an important vantage point which the image usually mounted within the material in return. In the film industry, framing is essential and fundamental since it defines the image to the user in the long run. Moreover, it is important to note that framing in most case tends to affects the image in different ways. In essence, some of the factors which affect the framing system include shape and size, the makeable off-screen and onscreen, the imposed angle and distance as well as the vantage point height in the meantime. Moreover, the relation of the movement in correlation with the mise-en-mise also plays an imperative role in the film framing system. The framing system used in the video gives a narrative different from the pertinent way which one might intend to use in due course. Thus, it only gives the narrative in particular at the expense of the two narrators. For instance, the first narrator only depicts on the makeable meeting with Mustafa, overall insight and intimacy which he had with Zero in the last couple of years (David & Thompson, 2008).

On the other hand, the second narrator who is Mustafa himself depicts on the information which the individuals shared and exchanged regarding the information with Gustave. Thus, the characters inputs in the meantime are parametrically and infamously unreliable although no one bothered to question their authority in line with accuracy in due course. Perhaps, the viewer's pre-assumed that everything was okay or never bothered to question the acts and deeds in the due process. Thus, most viewers on demarcated on the memoir frame and how it impacted in to bring the future growth in the company at the expense of the pertinent present bear.

In essence, it is evidential that some of the shot takes irregular criteria whereby the exposed image tends to have one side longer the other teams in return. Therefore, the editing technique is used in the system to eliminate and in the formatting of the image into a prompt shape in the meantime. Thus, the editor will remove all the unwanted footages as well superfluous frames in the interim which mostly done from the overall beginning to the makeable endings of the shots.

In conclusion, the assignment mainly poses and explored the visual and video analysis in the interim. Moreover, the study primarily aimed at examined the student critical ability to analyses the video and television programs using the visual literacy concepts and knowledge in due course. Some of the visual concepts and techniques evaluated in the analysis include time, the narrative function of the film, and the depth of the movie, cinematography, frame as well as editing method in the long run. Thus, the analysis poses on the examination of video analysis of Grand and Budapest Hotel and the pertinent issues which rises out it in the long run.


David. Bordwell, & Thompson, K. (2008). Film Art: an introduction

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