Organizational Success: Achieving Goals and Motivating Employees - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-11-15
Organizational Success: Achieving Goals and Motivating Employees - Essay Sample
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Organizations strive to ensure that the goals and whatever the organization needs to accomplish are achieved. The organization plays a crucial role in ensuring that the employees and their workers achieve their goals. The organization ensures that it manages its employees that want to achieve higher and upgrade their skills (Merida, 2015). Also, the organization is supposed to motivate its employees so that they can achieve higher and perform higher in the organization and ensure that the goals are achieved. Lastly, the organization is supposed to retain top talents so that it benefits from the better services that are provided. Training is also important, and most companies ensure that they give their employees a chance to do develop (Choudhury, Dutta & Dutta, 2019).

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Type of organization

Organizations are categorized according to h how responsibilities and authorities are distributed among individuals. The common type of organization includes:

Line or Scalar Organization

This is an organization that is attributed to be a military or departmental form of an organization. In this organization, all business activities and employees are divided into either production, finance and accounts and sales. In addition to this, all the departments are then divided into other subdivisions that are said to contain their self-departments (Scott & Davis, 2015). The departments are said to have a head that controls the whole department, ensuring that all the activities are assigned to specific individuals that accomplish them. The head that is often referred to as the foreman is said to train and supervise all the activities of output in the organization.

The organization is said to have a higher discipline that follows that of military and hence where the name military organization was obtained. And also, the order of the head is carried out without complaint in this organization (Merida, 2015). The organization is said to have a clear division of labor according to responsibilities and authority, the employees are highly disciplined, and they accomplish their tasks as required. The organization ensures that everyone from the top managers to casual workers remains busy all the time.

However, it is important to note that the head of the department I supposed to be an expert in a particular field that he or she is assigned so that the goals of the organization are carried out smoothly. In addition to that, the head of the department is given a lot of work that may make them not to be productivity. These can be noted to be the challenges that are faced by line, or scalar organization makes it not to be fit for some of the organizations. This type of organization can be traced to small and medium-sized companies, and it is also suitable for a company that has labor problems (Uddin, Mahmood & Fan, 2019).

Functional Organization

This is a type of organization that focuses on solving the problem of finding ahead in the line organization. Every supervisor in this organization is said to be specified in a specified field in the organization, and the supervisor is supposed to attend only one factor in all the department (Scott & Davis, 2015). This organization is often referred to as Taylor’s organization as it is noted that F.W. Taylor introduced it. He indicated that a qualified leader is supposed to have a brain, special knowledge, honesty, good health, and manual strength in the organization so that the organization becomes successful (Scott & Davis, 2015).

With this kind of organization, there is a better quality of work in the organization since everyone is specialized and does work perfectly. The organization shows mass production as a result of specialization and standardization (Scott & Davis, 2015). In addition to that, it is noted that this kind of organization enables the company to be able to expand and improve its services as the day goes by. Lastly, the company is said to have no wastage in any position, especially responsibilities that are not needed are stripped off from the organization. While the organization seems to have many advantages, it has hard to shift responsibilities from one department to another department, and there is no proper coordination among the workers (Scott & Davis, 2015).

Line and Staff Organization

In most of the organization, managers often do not have time to think and make a significant decision in the organization. Therefore, most of the staff in the organization are said to have the responsibility to investigate, plan, research, and advise managers on how to carry out their activities. One of the staff is given the responsibility to control a given function of the business of which the person is an expert (Merida, 2015). The system is said to have less wastage in the organization, the knowledge of experts is available in the organization, and there is the quality that is witnessed in this organization. However, the organization is said to face challenges in enough experts and knowledge that can upgrade the organization to a higher level (Kwon & Kim, 2020).

In the business setting, the type of organization that is evident in line and staff organization. It ensures that the employees are given a chance to lead and make decisions that help the company to operate effectively. As it is well indicated, Amy is noted to be a higher performer showing that the quality that quality in the organization is maintained. The workers are said to have expert knowledge in a given field, and they perform better as compared to other workers (Scott & Davis, 2015). Also, the company can be noted to say that there are no wastes in the company since there is coordination between the staff and manager, Sarah, who ensures that the organization retains great staff. They can perform better and improve how the organization is operating (Merida, 2015).

In the organization, it can be noted that disciplined is often solved in this organization as there is a good relationship between the manager and the employees. This enables the company to achieve higher standards and improve its operation as a result of the company getting advice from the employees that have knowledge of what the consumers want and hence strive to achieve its goals (Scott & Davis, 2015). Lastly, the company said to achieve higher standards as there are specialized systems that ensure that every sector is achieved in the company.

However, this type of organization is said to behave some challenges that may heavily affect how the company is said to operate. Firstly, the company lacks enough experts such as Army that can effectively carry out the activities and ensure that the business is successful (MEIYANI & Putra, 2019). Also, the company has various overhead costs of the products that it offers, and hence, it may not be productive as it anticipates. Lastly, the organization tends to be slow in its activities, and it may not achieve its goals n time as it is the case of Amy, who has gone for studies. She is taking longer to finish studies together with having less time in the organization.

Personal Perspective

From the above scenario, that involves the staff and managers to ensure that the goals of the organization are achieved. It is important to note that the organization should have more staff a particular specialization so that the organization can remain operational and functional even when one employee has gone for training. The organization should also train its employees so that they have the necessary skills to accomplish their tasks and make them productive. In addition to that, all organizations should focus on retaining top talent since they are more productive, and they are said to be higher performers in the organization.


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