Essay Sample on Organizational Structure and Interventions

Published: 2023-03-27
Essay Sample on Organizational Structure and Interventions
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The Sullivan Hospital System CEO, Ken Bonnet, raised concerns that the hospital was experiencing major problems whereby the market share losses had gone down as other hospitals had taken a huge part of it. The reduction in market share losses led to reduced patient satisfaction. Therefore, the CEO calls for the need to overhaul the entire system of the hospital to improve its operations. However, before the system is corrected, an essential set of data has to be collected, and the feedback given to the administrators. The current structure of the organization was not the best to ensure that it would be a success. The hospital has administrative teams from two hospitals that had different ways of leading. Even though the two leaders were willing to work together, having different modes of leadership within an organization will confuse the employees; hence it will not be easy to lead them and meet their goals and objectives. Also, employee involvement issues play an essential role in the presence of problems in the hospital. One of the employee involvement issues is information. Employees within the hospital have to access important information so that they can be aware of the important issues that they should embrace to ensure that the system succeeds in improving hospital operations. The other employee issue is knowledge and skills. Employees should be trained and developed regularly so that they can gain relevant skills and knowledge that will be used to help them to understand how to use the system to improve the operations of the hospital. Another employee involvement issue is rewards and compensation. Rewards and compensation are vital in this case, as it motivates employees to work harder. In the process, they help in increasing the level of satisfaction of the patients visiting the hospital. Lastly, power is an essential employee involvement issue. In this case, power should be centralized so that employees can get direction from one area as this makes it easy to understand what is needed of them.

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The level of employee engagement plays an important role in the performance of an organization. In the event, the level of employee engagement is high, there is a high chance that the performance of an organization will be high. In the case of the Sullivan Hospital System, the level of employee engagement was down. The low level of employee engagement made the employees not to be familiar with the new system and how it operates. As a result of these issues, the employees could not be able to use the system effectively and help the hospital improve its operations.

Since the use of the new system has not been effective, important changes must be made. In this case, the overhaul of the total quality management needs. This overhaul will ensure that the quality of services is improved. One of the reasons for this adopting of total quality management is that when the quality of patient care is improved, physicians will have a better reason to use the health facility in many ways. In the process of this activity, the quality of the services that the hospital offers increases hence the level of patient satisfaction (Baird, Hu, & Reeve, 2011). When more patients are satisfied, they will visit the hospital; hence the market share increases. The second reason why total quality management is important in this case is that it will ensure the hospital adopts policies that are meant to improve the quality of services. According to the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (JCAHO), several policies have to be followed by healthcare facilities (Baird, Hu, & Reeve, 2011). Therefore, total quality management has to be adopted so that these policies can be improved regularly to help the organization deliver quality healthcare services to its patients.

Another alternative that can be used in this case is that the goal and objectives of the health care facilities should be communicated. These goals will enable physicians within the health care facilities to understand the direction towards which they should operate. Therefore, these goals will allow them to function effectively hence improving the services of the organization, which leads to patient satisfaction. Moreover, there should be a centralized form of management whereby the employees are led from a central point. Leading from a central point will help the employees to be able to get clear direction from the authorities; hence they will be able to understand what they are required to do in certain circumstances.

One of the common organizational structures that are used today is the functional organization structure. The functional organization structure is grouped based on the function of different groups within the organization (Takahara & Mesarovic, 2012). The strength of this organizational structure is that its different roles within the organization are separated based on the expertise of an individual (Weigelt & Miller, 2013). However, the weakness that is related to this organizational structure is that at times the functional areas may focus on their task, thus forgetting other departments; hence the organization may be burdened on one side.

The intervention plan that will be used for this new system is a socio-technical system work design that will have to be developed. Socio-Technical work design is an approach whereby systems that depend on people are designed. In this case, the new hospital system that will be developed will have to be a socio-technical system. These systems will have to interact with the users well so that they can be able to deliver the intended results (Baxter & Sommerville, 2011). In this case, the users that will use the system will have to be taken through thorough training that will help them understand different concepts that are critical when using the system. Therefore, as the new system is put into operation, it will be able to be used effectively by all the users to achieve the goals of the health care center.


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